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Sky-High Excitement in the Capital | Friday, February 28, 2014| Gulf News Gulf News | Friday, February 28, 2014 | C6 RED BULL AIR RACE RED BULL AIR RACE C7 Air Race 2014 calendar Sky-high excitement in the capital 1.Abu Dhabi, UAE Feb 28/March 1 2.Rovinj, CRO April 12-13 8.China, CHN Nov 1-2 3.Putraya, MAY May 17-18 4.Gdynia, POL AL 5.Ascot, UK 7.Las Vegas, US Oct 11-12 6. Fort W., US Jul 26-27 Sep 6-7 The aircraft Aug 16-17 TWELVE PILOTS WILL GET THE EIGHT-EVENT RED Big changes A powerful engine - Three models of airplane will be used in this edition of the Air Race: The Corvus Racer 540, The Edge 540 and The MXS-R. All are designed with symmetrical wings made of carbon-fibre and with slight differences in size between them. BULL AIR RACE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP UNDER WAY IN ABU DHABI TODAY AND TOMORROW 6.3-6.57m ABU DHABI The 2014's Air Race season will be, technically speaking, the most equal so far. All the planes in the competition have been equipped with the same engine model, the Thunderbolt AEIO-540-EXP. This piece of engineering has been tested to meet the highest levels of performance and security. Paul Bonhomme, of Great Britain, has always been a fierce and formidable competitor and he will be keen to make his mark straight away in the first of the eight race series starting here. Bonhomme's main rival will be Besenyei, who versed in the conditions here as he making his seventh appearance in the Austrian Hannes Arch, having in 2010, By HUGO A. SANCHEZ 3D Modeler & Infographic Artist N.D. PRASHANT the Staff Reporter is well- e ready to be blown away by tiny, high-performance planes as the Red Bull Air Race World Championship returns to the UAE today. of veteran Peter is Wingspan: 7.32-7,44 m But what does this mean? The propeller, aka: The Claw 1.85m event. This year's competition is all about skills. The teams have all dedicated their efforts to the aircraft finished runner-up will also With the new engines come a the world's best daredevil will Some meen to take on a high. Bon- new propeller regulation. Every airplane will be fitted with the Hartzell 3-bladed 7690 structural pilots course of pylons at speeds of up to 370 km/h just 50-80 feet above the spark- blue homme's compatriot Nigel Lamb is also one o pilots are competing in the through the obstacle zoom aerodynamics and working on the pilots' skills in a bid to overcome the other riders. Now, more than ever, every pilot has the same opportunity to become the new champion. close watch on. o a Pilots vs the G-Force Suit's cutaway view In all, 12 composite propeller known as 'The Claw! Aside from a higher performance, the Claw offers improved safety in case of engine failure. In the event of a loss in oil waters around I the spectacu- Master Class qualifying g round to deter- The pilots are subjected to huge forces in air. The Air Race caps this force to 10G, which is ten times the weight of the pilot's body against him. When this happens, the blood stream flows to the lower extremities. The lack of blood in the brain can cause loss of vision or a blackout. To prevent this, the pilots contract their stomachs ing lar skyline of the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The event was and is an international series of air races, starting in Abu Dhabi and ending in Las Vegas in October. It's being held for the first time since 2010 following a break to fo- cus on safety improvements and involves stage 1 G-Suit no-Gs Fluid tubes low-Gs stage 2 Fluid tubes stage 3 expanded Phigh-Gs mine the positions and then and established in -four tomorrow ahead of the Glour spots finals later. air Based on the pilots' show in eacl in each pressure, the propeller blades will twist and become flat against the airflow. This creates a drag, which allows the plane to slow down and glide for longer, allowing more time for emergency manoeuvres. Normal- blood flow Increased- blood flow World race, Championship points are place finisher re- second place ten, while 11th gets one. This year will also feature the Challenger Cup, which for eight chosen pilots from seven countries to Pylon hit *Did not finish awarded. The ceives first G-Force G-Force 12 points, This eight venues across the world, including Croatia, Great Britain and China. In terms of the action today, the Master Class qualifying action starts at 2.20pm followed by the Chal- lenger Cup Race at 3.45pm. Reigning world champion G-Suit provides a perfect platform Drag force Crossing the gates with incorrect level Now the pilots must wear The G-Suit, made of non-strech fibres and a series of fluid-filled tubes, which expand or contract depending on the level of the G-Force. The suit compresses the pilot's body to maintain a regular blood flow. Exhaust Fluid-filled tubes graduate into the Master Class. and tighten their muscles to maintain regular blood flow. The organisers have also roped in Arab superstars Nancy Ajram and Ramy Ayach for a concert today be- sides a host of other entertainers. The last standarised element is the exhaust system, which is constructed from lightweight materials and is tailored to fit 2 sec. penalty Air flow Abu Dhabi line-up every plane model in the competition. The strategy required Rules Too high 2 sec. penalty Steve Jones, a former Air Race pilot and now racing expert and commentator, provides a guided analysis of the Abu Dhabi racetrack. Let's see how the The objective is simple: The pilots must navigate across a track delimited by Air Gates (air-filled pylons), 2 times, as quickly as possible and with the fewest penalties. The 23m Air-Gate pylons have colour divisions to indicate the correct level to cross them. Any deviation from the gates could result in time penalties or even a disqualification. Michael Goulian Track deviation *Did not finish Nicolas Ivanoff NB06PB Correct level France Date of birth: 04/07/1967 Plane: Edge 540 Record: 2 victories **Record: 5 career podiums United States Date of birth: 04/09/1968 Too low Disqualification Correct knife No penalty Plane: Edge 540 *Record: 1 victory pro-riders should tackle the first stop of the 2014's season. *Did not finish: The flying session is discontinued Kirby Chambliss Pete McLeod Canada Date of birth: 23/02/1984 Plane: Edge 540 Marina Mal Heritage Village United States AI Sahil Beach Entry speed limit: 370km/h Max G-Force, 10G Round 2 Date of birth: 18/10/1959 Plane: Edge 540 *Record: 8 victories, 16 podiums *Record: None Single gate Corniche Rd. Air Race Track The pilot's cockpit: Gate 9 YAVER YAVER Hannes Arch Matthias Dolderer 1. Airspeed indicator. Shows the plane's speed in knots relative to the air. Start/finish Gate 1 Austria Date of birth: 22/09/1967 Plane: Edge 540 *Record: 7 victories 15 podiums Germany Date of birth: 15/09/1970| 2. EFIS. (Electronic Flight Information System). Gives the pilot lap information. The touchscreen facility can switch between display modes. It also sends speed or G info to the Race Tower. 500m Gate 3 Gate 2 Plane: Edge 540 *Record: 1 podium Gate 8 Turning manoeuvre Max G-Force, 10G 3. Engine analyser. A device that records engine data. After a flight, info is downloaded for analysis. The switch on top is a voice alarm that warns the pilot in case of any system failure. Chicane Paul Bonhomme Gate 7 Matt Hall Australia Date of birth: 16/09/1971 Plane: MXS *Record: 3 podiums Gate 4 Great Britain 4. Altimeter. Indicates the aircraft's altitude (in feet). Date of birth: 22/09/1964 Plane: Edge 540 *Record: 13 victories, 36 podiums 5. Smoke on/off. Toggled at the start of a run to emit coloured smoke and attract attention. Fliying without smoke causes a 1 second penalization added to the race time. 6. G-meter. Shows how much G is being pulled. Pilots must not exceed 10G. The total length of the track is 5km approx. Air Gate HALL Gate 6 O Round 1 Round 2 7. Vertical card compass. Indicates the plane's direction. Yoshihide Muroya Nigel Lamb Great Britain Date of birth: 17/08/1956 Plane: MXS *Record: 6 podiums 8. Pedals. The pedals direct the plane to the left or right on the ground. In flight, they are used to activate the rudder. Gate 5 Japan Date of birth: 27/01/1973 LINGI 9. Radio. Allows communication with the Race Tower. Plane: Edge 540 *Record: None 10. Start switch. This button starts the engine. twist is what should allow to exit with the perfect line for Gates 6 and 7. To avoid penalty seconds, the pilot must make certain he is back down at race height just before you get to Gate 6. This "back side" of the track is where the race-line is absolutely vital. Blue gates mean the wings must be level as the plane pass through them, or two penalty seconds will be added to the race time, but the plane won't be wingslevel for long. It is a compromise. The plane must be manoeuvered the shortest possible distance smooth handling and not relax after between Gates and fly smoothly to preserve the Finish Gate. aircraft energy. It gets more difficult after Gate 8. Here the pilot has to allow the race plane to fly from the Level Gate, past the Single Pylon 9 (Gate 9) through the Start Gate and to the Chicane entry, with the minimum of control inputs. Every correction causes aerodynamic drag and loss of speed. The second lap is similar to the first, but the plane has less speed, so the pilot must fly tighter lines and concentrate on Over the Corniche, the pilot should aim for a straight run at the Start Gate. The challenge is to be close to the 370 km/h start speed limit when the race plane and keep tight against the pylons to exit at maximum speed. Just a short line now to Gate 5, but start bracing all those muscles for the imminent high-G pull-up! Entering enters the Gate 1. Any faster and the flight this Gate at an angle is OK as long as the wings are leveled, but the greater the angle the smaller the gap between the pylons, so the pilot must be careful. Immediately after passing the Gate, you must pull hard back on the control-stick and slam straight to almost 10G. A small skew either left or right is fine as the pilot pullinto the Vertical Turning Manoeuvre, but without overdoing it. This 11. Transponder. Relays information to the Race Tower concerning the plane's position and altitude. 12. Fuel pump switch. Used to switch between the three fuel tanks: right wing, left wing and main tank. Planes burn around 1.9 litres of fuel per minute. Martin Sonka Czech Republic Date of birth: 26/03/1978| Plane: Edge 540 *Record: None will be discontinued. If the approach is right, the plane will be lined up for the crucial first turn into the Chicane (Gates 2,3 and 4). It's easy to drift high here, but the plane must stay level as the pilot switch banks from left to right to left in this high-speed slalom. It's vital to mantain the aircraft level Peter Besenyei Hungary Date of b irth: 08/06/1956 Plane: Corvus Racer *Record: 8 victories 25 podiums 13. Throttle control.The power control. 14. Stick. Left or right causes the plane to roll, forwards pitches the nose down, backwards pitches it up. 15.Propeller control. Adjusts the pitch of the propeller blades. *Record: In Red Bull Air Race events Sources:, Red Bull Air Race magazine, Photos: Red Bull content pool **Record: In the pilot's overall career Day Day Race format Qualifying Sees all 12 Master Class pilots racing for their starting position on Race Day. The fastest of two consecutive laps counts. D The pilots race to set the fastest time. The three fastest make it to the podium, with the quickest in this round winning overall. Challenger One pilot flies after the other The pilots fly one after the other for On TV (12.30pm today) The Master Class pilots fly against each other in Top 12 heats. The six winners of the heats and the two Super 8 Round the fastest time. The four fastest Final 4 Master Race 1 and 2 time counts towards the final result. for two laps in the racetrack. The best 2 fastest losers proceed to the Super 8 round. proceed to the next round. Abu Dhabi Sports Feb 28 March1 Bull Al Bateen St. 18th St. 6th St. Sheikh Zayed The First St. (BREITLI

Sky-High Excitement in the Capital

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Red Bull Air Race 2014 preview. First stop in the season: Abu Dhabi UAE. This infographic analises the aircraft used for the event and the pilot's equipment to fight against the high G-forces during t...


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