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Ski Safety Tips for Families and Kids

SKI & SNOWBOARD SAFETY FOR KIDS While skiing and snowboarding are a blast, they're also a physical challenge- which means you should always take safety precautions. STAYING SAFE WHILE SKIING OR SNOWBOARDING LISTEN TO THE PROS Instructors can educate kids on the importance of a warm-up and cool-down, safe ski techniques, and help determine their limits. KNOW YOUR LIMITS You can use Vail's guidelines to get an idea of your ability level. LEVEL You can ski or ride almost anywhere, almost any time, with confidence and flair. You ski or ride with LEVEL confidence on most terrain. You handle moderate mogul runs with consistent speed and rhythm, and you can handle all but the most extreme in-bounds terrain. LEVEL You are comfortable and confident on easier black diamond terrain. SNOWBOARDERS can mix carved and skidded turns. SKIERS usually ski parallel, with effective pole use. You are comfortable on groomed blue square terrain, and capable on the easiest ungroomed and moguled blue terrain. LEVEL SNOWBOARDERS are beginning to skid less, with the tail of the board following the tip. SKIERS are usually parallel, and you may use a pole swing or plant in most of your turns. You're comfortable on green circle and most groomed blue square terrain. You can link turns of varying sizes. LEVEL LEVEL 4 You can ride chairlifts and link smooth, gliding turns on all but the steepest green sections. SNOWBOARDERS can link heel and toe turns. SKIERS may be parallel, but use a slight, especially on steeper terrain. LEVEL You're comfortable on beginner terrain. SNOWBOARDERS can nearly link turns heel to toe. SKIERS can make "wedge turns," but you may make "parallel turns" too. LEVEL 2 You've spent a day or two on the slopes, and you're comfortable on the flats. LEVEL You've never skied or 1 snowboarded before. WHEN YOU MANAGE YOUR RISK, WINTER SPORTS ARE VERY SAFE HEAD INJURY RATES BY SPORT 85.389 CYCLING FOOTBALL 46,948 38,394 BASEBALL & SOFTBALL 34,692 BASKETBALL 24,184 16,948 10,035 SOCCER SKIING & SNOWBOARDING GOLF POTENTIAL INJURIES FOR SKIERS & SNOWBOARDERS OHEAD O THUMB 2 SHOULDER KNEE 2 ANKLE 3 WRIST KNEE INJURIES MAKE UP 35% OF ALL SKIING INJURIES. WRIST INJURIES MAKE UP 40% OF ALL SNOWBOARDING INJURIES. POTENTIAL INJURIES FOR BOTH SPORTS KNEE INJURIES & ANKLE SPRAINS MUSCLE STRAINS IN LOWER BACK CONCUSSIONS ARM & LEG FRACTURES Kids who have had one concussion are 6X more likely to experience a second concussion. PROPER GEAR LOWERS RISK FOR INJURIES Helmets have been linked to a 43% reduction in injury. YET ONLY HALF OF ALL SKIIERS WEAR HELMETS Poorly fit equipment is a major cause of lower leg injuries, especially in children. Improper binding calibration is associated with a 2-5 times higher risk of tibia injury. Wrist guards reduce the risk of hand, wrist and forearm injury by 85%. Ankle taping and/or bracing can reduce the risk of ankle sprain in most sports by 69-71%. CARE TIPS TO LOWER RISK FOR INJURIES MOST INJUIRIES OCCUR WHEN RIDERS ARE FATIGUED Stay hydrated throughout the day and stop to rest every few hours. CONDITIONS CHANGE QUICKLY IN ALIPINE AREAS Stay on marked trails and paths. Pay close attention to changing weather conditions, and abide by all signs and safety warnings. FOLLOW THE NATIONAL SKI AREAS ASSOCIATION RESPONSIBILITY CODE FOR REDUCING RISK • Always stay in control People ahead of you have the right-of-way • Stop in a safe place for you and others Whenever starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield • Use devices to prevent runaway equipment Observe signs and warnings, and keep off closed trails • Know how to use lifts safely williams Ski & Patio Sources: nal_Trauma_Data_Bank_From_2009_to_2010 Infographic produced by Digital Third Coast

Ski Safety Tips for Families and Kids

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While some describe winter as something to “endure,” for snowboarders and skiers, it’s peak season for recreation and exercise. It comes as no surprise that we want to share the joy of the slope...


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