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Seven Standard Principles For The First Game of golf

7 Basic Rules For Your First ROUND OF GOLF Start Today- Playing your first round of golf can be intimidating. Will you know how to act on a golf course? Will you be unsure of yourself and the rules? Here's a quick primer - 7 basics of rules of etiquette - that can help make your first round of golf go easier. Here are 7 Tips to Help Build Your Confidence Before You Play Your First Game of Golf Equipment Taking the right equipment to the course involves both rules and etiquette. The rules place a limit of 14 clubs in each golfer's bag. There is no minimum number of clubs you must have, but borrowing clubs from your partners is not a good idea. Borrowing clubs during a round is permissable under certain circumstances, but it is against the rules in most. Make a Tee Time For most rounds of golf you play, you'll want to reserve a tee time. You can get a tee time by calling the golf course the day before (or earlier, depending on a course's policy) you want to play and requesting a specific time. Dress the Part Many golf courses have dress codes. Find out what the dress code is at the course you're playing and dress appropriately. A pair of khaki shorts or slacks and a collared golf shirt will almost always meet the requirements, but it's a good idea to check beforehand. Golf shoes are usually not required, and golf gloves are always up to the golfer, but both are good things to have and use. Teeing Off On the teeing ground, you must place your ball between the tee markers, either even with them or up to two club-lengths behind them. Never in front of them. Tee markers are usually small, colored cones or stones or some other similar indicator. For example, if you're playing from the white tees, look for markers painted white. Honors, Away and Ready Play The player who has "honors" plays first from the teeing ground. On the first tee, this can be decided randomly (draw straws, play paper-rock-scissors, whatever). On ensuing tees, the player with the best score on the preceding hole goes first, the second-best score goes second, and so on. Play It As It Lies One of the mos fundamental principles of golf - an idea mucl of Rules of Golf is built around - is "play it as it lies." What that means is pretty simple - don't move or touch the ball! Where it comes to rest, whatever state it is in, you most likely have to play it as is. Course Care and Safety Golf courses are there to be enjoyed by all golfers, so part of your responsibility is taking care of the course while you are on it. If you are using a golf cart, always observe the posted cart rules. Even better, a good idea is to keep the cart on the cart paths at all times (carts damage the grass). Never drive a golf cart close to or through a hazard (bunkers, ponds, etc.) or within 50 yards of a putting green.

Seven Standard Principles For The First Game of golf

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Participating in your very first round of golf might be scary. Will you know the best way to act on a golf course? Or are you gonna be puzzled by yourself and also the rules? This Infographic will mak...




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