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Seven Sissy Sports Mascots Made Fearsome By Design

7 SISSY SPORTS MASCOTS MADE FEARSOME THROUGH DESIGN TESTOSTERR AGE 7. UC-IRVINE ANTEATERS Unless you live in a mound of dirt, anteaters are among the least scary animals out there. What's he going to do, lick you with his prehensile tongue? UC-Irvine's mascot on the other hand shoots bullets out his nose. And those eyes! They are the eyes of a mammal who wants to do bad things to you. HARDCORE RATING 6. ODESSA JACKALOPES The Jackalope is basically a Pokemon that was too cute to make the cut. But professional hockey mascot Slap Jack's routine breakfast of two cartons of eggs and a raw steak chased down with a frosty glass of steroids have bulked him up to herculean proportions. HARDCORE RATING ODESSA VAN AC 5. ATLANTA THRASHERS Though the Thrashers is a really cool name for a hockey team. It's also a really stupid looking bird with an over-large beak and a stupid look on it's face. Enter the Atlanta Thrashers logo. It looks like a phoenix and a velociraptor had a baby. A baby who is about to decapitate you with a hockey stick. HARDCORE RATING 3. PEPPERDINE WAVES The dictionary defines a wave as a disturbance on the surface of a liquid body, in the form of a moving ridge or swell. Fortunately however, Pepperdine University defines a wave as a salty sea-juggernaut who wants to impale you with his trident. HARDCORE RATING VIVES 4. MANITOBA MOOSE Moose can be unpredictable and tough. But most of the time they just goofily loaf about nature; eating and looking bored. Which is why Manitoba cross-bred a moose with a cerebus to achieve totally bad-ass logo. This moose grazes on your soul! HARDCORE RATING MANITOBA MOOSE 2. BALTIMORE RAVENS I know what you're thinking, and yes ravens are an OK mascot. However Baltimore makes the list by upping the ante with this mind-blowingly cool logo. This bird looks like he belongs on a Kiss album cover. Or maybe flying through the space fighting Galactus with the Silver Şurfer. HARDCORE RATING 1. NAVY: BILL THE GOAT The number one sissy mascot to be transformed into a vehicle of sheer bad-assery is the Navy's Bill the goat. At first wondered why the Navy picked the least aquatic animal for their mascot. But this isn't just any goat. This goat was spawned in the bowels of hell. I'm pretty sure that Odin is going to ride this goat during Ragnarok. HARDCORE RATING PSPORTIGE lo

Seven Sissy Sports Mascots Made Fearsome By Design

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Even if you have a lame mascot, at least initially, there’s always a way to make it much more fearsome and awesome looking



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