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From Set To Spike - A History Of Volleyball

FROM SET TO SPIKE A HISTORY OF VOLLEYBALL Did you know the sport of volleyball is 120 years old? In that time, it's gone from a local American sport, created by an instructor at a YMCA, to a worldwide phenomenon with over 800 million regular players. What is the story of its meteoric rise? HUMBLE BEGINNINGS 1895: Volleyball is Born William G. Morgan, an instructor at a YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts, wanted to create a game that required less physical contact than basketball, and blended elements of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball. MINTONETTE Originally called "Mintonette," its name was changed to volleyball because men volleyed the ball back and forth over a net. 1896: The First Game 1900: The Ball On July 7th, the first official game was played at Springfield College. A special ball was designed for the sport. 1885 SPREADING LIKE WILDFIRE 1916: New Players The NCAA is invited to help solidify rules and the sport. It is added to American high school and college physical education programs. The game has also spread through the YMCA to Canada, Asia, the Caribbean, and South America. 1916: The Set & Spike In the Philippines, an offensive style of play is created. One player passes the ball high in the air in order to be struck by another player. Known as the "bomba," (Tagalog for "kill"), this is the first occurrence of the set and spike. SET TI I SPIKE 1917-20: Rule Changes The game changes from 21 to 15 points. Three hits per side are instituted. Regulations on back row attacks are instituted. MAX HITS 15 12 LEGAL BACK ROW ATTACK LEGAL BACK ROW ATTACK ZONE ZONE НOME AWAY 10 FT LINE NÉT 10 FT LINE 1922: The First Championship The YMCA National Championships are held in Brooklyn, New York. o 27 teams play o 11 states are represented YMCA 1928: The USVA 1947: The FIVB FIVB Now known as USA The international Volleyball, The United States Volleyball Association is formed volleyball federation is founded to organize play between nations. USA Volleyball. and regulations for tournaments are created. 1948: Life's A Beach 1949: World Champs The first two-man beach The first world volleyball tournament is held. championships of volleyball are held in Prague, Czechoslovakia. 50,000,000 1951: Growing Popularity Over 50 million people across 60 countries play volleyball. THE OLYMPIC STAGE 1964: The Tokyo Debut Volleyball becomes an official Olympic sport at the Tokyo Olympic Games 1957: It's Official The International Olympic Committee designates volleyball as an Olympic sport. TOKYO 1964 NATA 1968: The NAIA 1969: The NCAA The National Association of The Executive Committee of the NCAA Intercollegiate Sports makes volleyball their 15th competitive sport officially makes volleyball a collegiate sport NCAA 1975-77: Year Round Training US National Teams start year round training regimes. From 1985 – present these take place in San Diego, CA. 1983: The AVP The Association of 365 Volleyball Professionals is formed to protect volleyball athletes. avp 1984: 1987: First Olympic Medals The USA wins its first Beach Volleyball World Championships Olympic medals, with the men taking gold, and the women taking silver. FIVB holds a world championship for the beach, won by the USA. 1990: 1996: Two Can Tango The World League Is created to further play on an international level. Two-Person Beach Volleyball is added to the Olympics. 1998: New Rules and Positions Rally scoring for all sets. Libero position officially created. SIDEOUT US OLYMPIC MEDALS MEN WOMEN INDOOR INDOOR 1984: 1988: 1984: 1992: BRONZE GOLD GOLD SILVER 1992: 2008: 2008: 2012: BRONZE GOLD SILVER SILVER BEACH BEACH 1996: SILVER 2004: 2008: GOLD 1996: GOLD GOLD 2000: 2008: 2012: 2012: GOLD GOLD GOLD SILVER Worldwide Sport Supply SOURCES: COLLEGE PRINGFIETD

From Set To Spike - A History Of Volleyball

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Volleyball is one of our most loved sports, easy to understand and fun to play. Did you know it's 120 years old and was originally created by a YMCA instructor? This infographic looks at the history o...


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