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Seattle Vs. Denver: Who Wins the Sustainable Super Bowl?

SUSTAINABLE - AMERICA - ECOSMACKDOWN SEATTLE DENVER VS As the Broncos and Seahawks take the field for Super Bowl XLVII, we're taking a look at how their home cities tackle sustainability. FOLLOW THE QUIZ ON TWITTER WITH HASHTAG #SUSTAINABLESUPERBOWL (SEAHAWKS) (BRONCOS) WHICH CITY HAS A HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF RESIDENTS WHO TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO WORK? Seattle! 19.7% of Seattlites take public transportation to work. In Denver, it's 7.2%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. WHICH CITY HAS MORE FARMER'S MARKETS PER CAPITA? Seattle! Seattle has 20 farmers markets (1 for every 31,726 people) vs.15 for Denver (1 for every 42,284 people), according to the USDA Farmers Market Directory. WHICH CITY HAS CURBSIDE COMPOSTING? Both Seattle and Denver have curbside composting, but Seattle gets an extra point because it's mandatory city-wide; Denver's program is limited but expanding. WHICH CITY OFFERS FREE DROP-OFF FOR COOKING OIL RECYCLING INTO BIODIESEL? Both! There are several locations that offer cooking oil recycling in Denver and Seattle. WHICH CITY IS MORE BIKEABLE? Both cities get a point for being included in the top 10 Walk Score ranking of Most Bikeable Large U.S. Cities, but Denver gets an extra point for placing 3rd over Seattle's No. 7 ranking. WHICH TEAM'S STADIUM HAS BICYCLE ACCESS FROM ITS CITY'S BIKE TRAIL NETWORK AND MORE THAN 300 BIKE RACKS FOR FANS? The Bronco's Mile High Stadium has direct bike access from Denver's bike trail system. WHICH CITY IS WORKING TO REDUCE ENERGY USE IN CITY BUILDINGS BY 20% BY 2020? Both cities have set the same energy goal for 2020. WHICH CITY HAS MORE COMMUNITY GARDENS? Denver! The Mile High City has more than 90 community gardens; Seattle has 89. WHICH HAS A LOWER PERCENTAGE OF RESIDENTS WHO DRIVE TO WORK ALONE? Seattle! 49.2% of Seattle's workers drive to work alone. In Denver, it's 68.6%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. IN WHICH CITY IS IT ILLEGAL TO IDLE YOUR CAR? Denver! It's illegal to idle a vehicle for more than 10 minutes in the Mile High City. Seattle does prohibit trucks making deliveries to the city from idling more than 5 minutes, but there is law for regular motorists. WHICH CITY HAS A BETTER AQI (AIR QUALITY INDEX) RATING? Seattle! The Emerald City has an AQI rating of only 21. Denver is also in the "Good" category for air quality, but comes in higher than Seattle at 43. WHICH CITY IS PART OF THE STATE THAT HAS MORE INCENTIVES RELATED TO ALTERNATIVE FUELS AND ADVANCED VEHICLES? Seattle! Washington has 12 incentives in place for alt fuels & advanced vehicles. Colorado has 8. WHICH TEAM IS A FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE GREEN SPORTS ALLIANCE? The Seattle Seahawks are one of 6 founding members of the Green Sports Alliance, but the Denver Broncos get credit for becoming members too. AND THE WINNER IS... SEATTLE! While both Denver and Seattle are committed to sustainability, Seattle has a slight edge in many of the areas we looked into. No matter who wins the Super Bowl, both cities' citizens and community leaders should be proud of the work they've done to create super sustainable cities. SEATTLE DENVER 12 VS SUSTAINABLEAMERICA.ORG #SUSTAINABLESUPERBOWL

Seattle Vs. Denver: Who Wins the Sustainable Super Bowl?

shared by SustainableAmerica on Jan 31
Scroll through the infographic below to learn more about how each city ranks on the issues and see who wins our (nonscientific) competition. You can also follow along on Twitter or Facebook with the h...




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