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Running and Forces which cause Injury

Running And Forces Running has become a hugely popular worldwide sport with over 42 million Americans participating in 2013 alone. This is due to the accessibility, health benefits, social aspects and convenience of the sport. This is in correlation with Newton's 3rd 3 law 'For every action there is an opposite 27-80% and equal reaction'. This force is propagated up through our bodies which has the potential for causing However during any 1 year period 27-80% people will injury. Why? 1. The forces are 2/3 times a suffer overuse injuries. This may be due to the repetitive nature of running persons bodyweight. 2. They are repetitive in running. and its associated forces 3. Body may try go get rid of the forces less effectively according to running style. What are these forces? When we run we exert a force on the ground but the ground also exerts a force on us, the Ground reaction force (GRF). What type of injuries? Overuse injuries like: 400 80% 20% 1. Stress Fractures 2. Achilles Tendinopathy 3. MTSS (Shin splints) These forces combined with running style could cause injury. About 80% of people are heel strikers with 20% being mid/forefoot 4. Plantar Fasciitis 5. Low back Pain 6. Knee Injuries 7. OsteoArthritis strikers. It is debated that heel foot strikers are at more risk of injury. References: 1. Running USA Annual Report 2014 State of the Sport part 2: Running Industry report. (June 15th 2014) 2. Van Gent et al (2007) 'Incidence and determinants of lower extremity running injuries in long distance runners: 3. Hreljac (2004) 'Impact and Overuse Injuries in runners', MSSE, Vol. 36 (5) pp 845-849 systematic review', BJOSM; Vol 41 (8) pp 469.48 4. Hall (1990) 'Basic Biomechanics' McGraw-Hill 5.Hamill (2012) Rearfoot and Forefoot Running-Implications for Barefoot running', JF AR (5) pp kl 6. Taunton et al (2002) A retrospective case-control analysis of 2002 running injuries BJSM, Vol 36 (2) pp 95-101 7. Daoud, A.I. (2012). "Foot Strike and Injury Rates in Endurance Runners: a retrospective study". MSSE 44 (7): 1325-34

Running and Forces which cause Injury

shared by ciaranmckenna on Jun 21
The infographic gives information about the associated forces in running and explains how these forces act to cause injuries among runners.


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