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A Race Against History

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Next, that " the haet was ex-etere four or ive fories ba torturing a poor davil, whor tor and lord" When to stalnment thut "the averag Na the baren, ia about eig An Analysis of the Toughest Title in Sports: THE TRIPLE CROWN Of the o hia ance has boon par in balloua d l pro dund oso pue wasie ime, lents ani aihea to now, out ne is true e suurco Waere :ol, jirubabiy, have tho pluasaro of recondingorhy of his i The wed is follof welth, health a teunapns Seeyear we havo a pieture o Coleridge's abilitine roon who canot, or we havo now to say, horusulture and llori t is prasticod, is' suro to Tho shortness of life is th.t Te anything bu: inviti of men who bava Culerila farite, without how it is divided into agricnitare proper, as u to piors ilat iniquity, in ward. who are colture, 85 of the professians.Oaco all KENTUCKY DERBY PREAKNESS STAKES BELMONT STAKES First run in First run in First run in 1875 (10 Furlongs 1873 9.5 Farlongs 1867 12 Furlongs Run for the Roses Run for the Black- Run for the Carnations Eyed Susans 32,727 6,233 4,877 Followers Followers Followers THE EARLY TIMES MINT JULEP THE BLACK-EYED SUSAN THE BELMONT JEWEL Pomegranate 1oz Juice FILL with Sweet + Sour Mix & Orange Juice 0.5 oz Simple Syrup 2oz Lemonade 0.75oz Vodka 207 Early Times Kentucky Whiskey 1.25oz Whiskey or Rum Woodford Reserve 1.5oz Add mint leaves & garnish with a mint sprig Garnish with orange wedge & cherry Garnish with lemon twist or red cherry FASTEST + SLOWEST TIMES 1:59 2:15 1:53 2:56 2:24 2:47 Eric, 1889 Secretariat, 1973 Sir Barton, 1919 Secretariat, 1973 1/4 Stone Street, 1908 Culpepper, 1874 "MY OLD KENTUCKY HOME" "MARYLAND, MY MARYLAND" "NEW YORK, NEW YORK" R TRIPLE CROWN WINNING TIMES R KENTUCKY DERBY PREAKNESS STAKES BELMONT STAKES YEAR HORSE OVERALL 1919 Sir Barton 2:09.80 * 1:53.00 * 2:17.40* 6:20.20 1930 Gallant Fox 2:07.60 2:00.60 2:31.60 6:39.80 1935 Omaha 2:05.00 1:58.40 2:30.60 6:34.00 1937 War Admiral 2:03.20 1:58.40 2:28.60 6:30.20 1941 Whirlaway 2:01.40 1:58.80 2:31.00 6:31.20 1943 Count Fleet 2:04.00 1:57.40 2:28.20 6:29.60 1946 Assault 2:06.60 2:01.40 2:30.80 6:38.80 1948 Citation 2:05.40 2:02.40 2:28.20 6:36.00 1973 Secretariat * 1:59.40 * * 1:53.00 * * 2:24.00 * * 6:16.40 * 1977 Seattle Slew 2:02.20 1:54.40 2:29.60 6:26.20 1978 Affirmed 2:01.20 1:54.40 2:26.80 6:22.40 * Fastest track times for Triple Crown winners *When Sir Barton won the Belmont Stakes, the track was 1 furlong shorter – hence Secretariat's world record time. Sir Barton's time in the Belmont was a new American record for the distance. 3.8 Number of MILES the horses 11 The inaugural Kentucky Derby was run in 1875 and was won by Aristides have to run over the 3 races to win the Triple Crown Horses have WON the Triple Crown Secretariat is the FASTEST HORSE in Triple Crown racing history with a record-setting aggregate time of a 6:18.40 over all 3 races A TRIPLE CROWN NEAR MISSES Belmont Finish of Horses Who Won the Derby & Preakness CCCCCCCC "7 CCCCC 8 46 Number of horses who CCC " 35 have won TWO out of THREE TH Triple Crown Races Years since NO FILLY has ever won the Triple the last horse Crown, although 3 have won the Belmont, 3 have won the Kentucky Triple Crown Derby & 5 have won the Preakness 8тн WON the DIDN'T FINISH DIDN'T OJ) The last living Triple Crown winning horse, SEATTLE SLEW, passed away in 2002 CCC a HORSES DON'T RACE THEMSELVES O START EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE TIME. In 1923 Frank Hayes & his horse Sweet Kiss won at Belmont Park, but Frank died of a heart attack mid race. He managed to stay on his horse, making him the only jockey to die mid-race & win. If a jockey wins a race he is entitled to 5% OF THE PRIZE money Jockeys are NOT ALLOWED to race a horse they own or have a share in During a SINGLE RACE DAY a jockey can ride up to twelve races on twelve different horses The top speed a jockey can reach on a mount is estimated at 40 MPH There is no height limit for 111LBS /50.5KG jockeys, although they usually range from 4'10" to 5'6" due to the weight restrictions Eddie Arcaro is the only jockey to ride MORE THAN ONE Triple Crown winner Maximum weight for a "flat" racing jockey in the 4° 10" Height of Julie Krone, the FIRST FEMALE AMERICAN jockey to win the Belmont Stakes in 1993 United States Almost all jockeys are SELF-EMPLOYED 88LRS Weight of the LIGHTEST jockey currently on record, Giovanni Porte of Italy (40kg) TALK THE TALK Betting on the Track Maybe play the lottery? Odds are looking good! SHOW PLACE WIN Your horse must finish Your horse must finish 1ST or 2ND Your horse must finish 1ST 1ST, 2ND or 3RD QUINELLA EXACTA DAILY DOUBLE Your horses must finish 1ST and 2ND in either order Your horses must finish 1ST and 2ND in exact order Your horses must win TWO consecutive races TRIFECTA PICK 3 SUPERFECTA Your horses must finish 1ST, 2ND and 3RD in that exact order Your horses must finish 1ST, 2ND, 3RD and 4TH Your horses must win THREE consecutive races PICK 4 PICK 5 PICK 6 Your horses must win FOUR Your horses must win FIVE Your horses must win SIX consecutive races consecutive races consecutive races SOURCES 2:5 ACTIV8SOCIAL ACTIV8SOCIAL.COM // @ACTIV8SOCIAL // FACEBOOK.COM/ACTIV8SOCIAL

A Race Against History

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May 4th marks the 139th running of the Kentucky Derby, but it also marks the 35th year since the last Triple Crown champion. When Affirmed won the crown in 1978, few people could have guessed how long...




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