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Quick Tips to Play Golf the Right Way

QUICK TIPS TO PLAY GOLF THE RIGHT WAY! PROPER ETIQUETTE GOLF RULES Do's Carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your bag. CHECK FIRST Make sure the group in front of you is out of range before you hit. Do not ask for advice from anyone but your caddie or partner and do not give advice to SHOUT "FORE" anyone else. Yell "FORE" if you hit a shot that might hit someone. GOOD PACE Play at a good pace. Keep pace with the group in front of you. Tee off from between the tee markers, never in front and you can go 2 club lengths back. STAY ON GREEN Stay on the green until everyone has holed out. If someone else moves your ball, replace it to the spot without a penalty. BE AWARE CF OTHERS Allow groups behind you to play through if you are slow. Play the ball where it lies. Do NOT improve your lie. If you encounter an unplayable lie, you must take a 1 stroke penalty and drop within two club lengths no nearer the hole. RAKE BUNKERS Rake bunkers after playing out of them. REPAIR DAMAGE Out-of-Bounds and Lost Ball: If you think you hit your ball out of bounds or lost it, hit a provisional from the SAME spot. White Stakes = Out of Bounds. There is a one stroke penalty, so your provisional is your 3rd shot Repair your divots, ball marks and spike marks. Dont's Water Hazards have yellow stakes or lines. You can play from water hazards without grounding your club, or hit your ball from where you originally played it, OR keep the spot where your ball last crossed the hazard between you and the flag and go back 7 as far as you like. And if you drop, it's a one shot penalty. DISTURB OTHERS Don't disturb others when they are hitting a shot (Keep quiet and turn your phone off or on vibrate). Lateral Water Hazards are marked by red stakes or lines. Use the 3 options for Water Hazards, plus the option to drop 2 club lengths no nearer the hole, again, with a one shot penalty on either side of the hazard. STAND IN VIEW Don't stand in someone's vision when they are hitting (this means your shadow too). PLAY OUT OF ORDER Do NOT ground your club in a bunker or other hazards. Don't hit your shot until it's your tum. CAUSE DAMAGE Don't intentionally damage the golf course. Mark your ball on the green to lift and clean it and then place it back exactly where it was. 10 YELL OR CUSS Don't throw your clubs or yell out profanities. If you play a shot from the putting surface, you CANNOT hit the flagstick. LIE OR CHEAT Don't cheat on Your Scorecard. DESIGNED BY: MyGolfInstructor .com

Quick Tips to Play Golf the Right Way

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Play golf with a buddy who you just can't tolerate on the golf course? Sick of annoying golf playing partners and rule breakers? Share these quick tips with them, to help them learn golf etiquette...




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