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Professional Baseball History in the U.S

Founded as Union Club of Lansingburgh; NABBPmember 1860-70 · After dropping out of the NL, continued as an amateurteam through 1878-81 NABBP 1868-70 Formed in 1866, the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional team in baseball for the1869 and 1870 seasons Formed in 1855;member of the National Ássociation of Base Ball Players from 1857-71 Member of the National Association of Base Ball Players 1857-70 PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL HISTORY IN THE UNITED STATES Independent 1870 Member of the amateur National Association of Base Ball Players in 1870 before turning pro in 1871. The team dropped out of the NAPBBPfor two seasons (1872-73 following the Great Chicago Fire NABBP 1860-70 1860 1860 In the League Alliance 1877 Both independent in 1877 and in the International Association in 1978 Independent 1880-82 The Toledo Blue Stockings were in the Northwestern League in 1883, transferring to the AA the next season 1870 1870 American Association 1882-91 Players National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs 1890 National Association of Professional Base Ball Players 1871-75 The 1872 Nationals, 1873 Blue Legs, and 1875 Nationals may have been the same franchise 1880 1880 Union Association 1884 The Wilmington Quicksteps played in the 1883 Inter-State Association of Professional Baseball Clubs. The following season the league changed its name to the Eastern League which the Quicksteps were winningwith ease.In August 1884, theyreplaced the Keystones in the UA and posted an impressive 2-16 record (.111) The Milwaukee Brewers and St. Paul Saints came to the UA from the Northwestern League as replacement teams for, respectively, the Quicksteps and the Stogies. The Kansas City Cowboys replaced Altoona Mountain City National League 1876-present 1890 1890 1900 1900 American League 1901-present Began its life as a the minor Western League. Changed its name to the American League in 1900, gaining major league status the following year. The teams currentlyknown as the White Sox, Twins, Indians, and Orioles all began in the Western League. The Detroit Tigers are the only Western League team to have remained in the same city and with the same name. 1910 1910 Federal League 1914-15 Founded in 1913 from the remains of the freshly defunct Columbia League and United States League.The 1913 Federal League is considered a minor league by historians. Cleveland Green Sox also played in the 1913 FL, but disbanded before the 1914 season 1920 1920 1930 1930 1940 1940 1950 1950 Continental League Founded in 1959. scheduled to begin play in 1961, the Continental League was William Shea's idea for a third major league with teams in Atlanta, Buffalo, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York, and Toronto. The National and American Leagues didn't like this idea so expansion teams were established. Shea's enthusiasm for the Continental League waned when the New York Mets came into being (in a stadium named after him). Of the proposed Continental League cities, only Buffalo is currently without a major league franchise 1960 1960 1970 NL East and West divisions created 1969 AL East and West divisions created 1969 1970 1980 1980 1990 1990 NL Central division created 1994 AL Central division created 1994 A note about this chart was an excellent starting place to compile this information; the bare bones of the information came from there; facts double-checked at and However, it is possible that there are errors. If you find any, please let me know. Sometimes there seems to be extra parts to a team's history, but if I've not found any credible sources on the Web, I've not added them. Also, it's possible there are inconsistencies in the naming style of those earlyclubs. Sometimes I've used a more modern, retrofit style; other times I've gone for a more old- fashioned style. Apologies for that. One day, I will sort that out, but myeyes are hurting and this chart is starting to hurt mybrain. 2000 2000 2010 2010 Craig Robinson, September 2009 Cincinnati Red Stockings Philadelphia Centennial New Haven Elm Citys St. Louis Red Stockings Keokuk Westerns Baltimore Marylands Elizabeth Resolutes Philadelphia White Stockings Eckford of Brooklyn Middletown Mansfields -Washington Nationals Washington Blue Legs Milwaukee Brewers L Washington Nationals St. Paul Saints (a/k/a Apostles and White Caps) Baltimore Canaries Wilmington Quicksteps Brooklyn Atlantics Kansas City Cowboys Fort Wayne Kekiongas Altoona Mountain City Rockford Forest Citys• Keystones of Philadelphia Troy Haymakers • Pittsburgh Stogies Chicago Browns Washington Olympias Baltimore Monumentals Cleveland Forest Citys Boston Reds St. Louis Brown Stockings Cincinnati Outlaw Reds Hartford Dark Blues Hartfords Washington Nationals Althletic of Philadelphia St. Louis Maroons Mutual of New York Indianapolis Hoosiers Boston Rustlers - Boston Braves Boston Bees Boston Doves Boston Red Stockings Atlanta Braves Milwaukee Braves Boston Braves Boston Beaneaters Chicago White Stockings - Chicago Cubs | Chicago Colts L'Chicago Orphans Boston Red Caps - Louisville Grays Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Grays Indianapolis Blues Providence Grays Syracuse Stars Troy Trojans Cleveland Blues Buffalo Bisons Colorado Rockies Worcester Worcesters (a/k/a Worcester Ruby Legs) San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants New York Giants Los Angeles Dodgers Philadelphia Phillies 1 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Blue Jays Arizona Diamondbacks Houston Astros Houston Astros Houston Colt .45's Brooklyn Grooms ¬. Pittsburgh Pirates Cincinnati Reds Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers Brooklyn Bridegrooms_ Brooklyn Robins ! Pittsburgh Pirates Los Angeles Dodgers Brooklyn Dodgers Brooklyn Superbas! Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds - Cincinnati Redlegs Cincinnati Reds St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals Milwaukee Brewers St. Louis Perfectos Atlanta Braves Louisville Colonels Philadelphia Phillies New York Mets New York Mets +Washington Nationals Montreal Expos Florida Marlins Baltimore Terrapins Brooklyn Tip-Tops Buffalo Blues Buffalo Buffeds Chicago Whales Chicago Federals (Chi-Feds) Newark Pepper Indianapolis Hoosiers Kansas City Packers Covington Blue Sox Pittsburgh Rebels Pittsburgh Stogies St. Louis Terriers - Seattle Pilots Milwaukee Brewers -Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Texas Rangers Texas Rangers Seattle Mariners Oakland Athletics L California Angels Anaheim Angels Los Angeles Angels White Stockings St. Paul Saints Oakland Athletics Oakland A's Kansas City Athletics Philadelphia Athletics Chicago White Sox I Sioux City Cornhuskers Chicago White Sox Washington Senators Kansas City Blues Joined Western League in 1898 Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals - Minnesota Twins Kansas City Royals Cleveland Lake Shores - Cleveland Bronchos - Cleveland Blues - Milwaukee Brewers Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians Cleveland Naps Grand Rapids Rustlers Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers Baltimore Orioles St. Louis Browns Milwaukee Brewers Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Boston Americans Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Baltimore Orioles New York Yankees New York Highlanders Washington Senators Toronto Blue Jays 1Tampa Bay Devil Rays L'Tampa Bay Rays

Professional Baseball History in the U.S

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This fun and informative infographic for baseball buffs in the U.S provides a detail history of professional baseball in the U.S. The information is about teams, trades, players and the legue.


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