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The Perfect Swing by Lorena Ochoa

THE PERFECT SWING* BY LORENA OCHOA POSITION At address your body should be positioned parallel to the target line. Spine in line, no slouch Driver 43. Fairway woods 7,625 Iron Wedges, 988 Iron Your weight should be balanced on the balls of the feet, not on the heels or toes. Your knees should be slightly flexed and directly over the Shaft and spine at right angle. balls of your feet for balance. The spine is the axis of rotation Short Irons for the swing, so it should be bent towards the ball from the Midle Irons hips at approximately a 90- Long Irons and Woods degree angle to the shaft of the club. MOST Vardon Grip POPULAR! 2. To place your hands on the handle using the Vardon GRIP Overlap, take the little finger on the trailing hand and place it between the index and middle finger on the lead hand. The lead hand thumb should fit in the lifeline of the trailing hand. Interlocking Grip Ten Finger Grip To use the Interlock grip, take the little finger on the To position your hands properly using a Ten Finger grip, start with a perfect lead hand grip, then place trailing hand (the trailing hand for right-handed golf- ers is the right hand) and the little finger of the trailing intertwine it with the index hand close against the index finger on the lead hand. finger of the lead hand. The lead hand thumb Cover the lead hand thumb should fit in the lifeline of with the lifeline of the trail- the trailing hand. ing hand. Hi friends! Always try to keep your grip pressure consistent throughout the swing I set it at address at roughly a 3 on a scale of 1 to 5. That's how I pulled off my shot of the year in 2009. SWING Lorena Ochoa 2. 3 Back Swing Down Swing Contact Follow-Through Once the club is parallel with the ground, it is time to begin the down swing. Now that you are lined up If you are keeping your head down and eye on the Some players neglect to square with the target and in the correct stance with focus on the follow- ball as you should be, then you should see the club through, but the follow- knees flexed, the next step The club should follow the through is an extremely is to begin your back swing. The golf swing is a perfect circle from back swing to same path in the down swing that it followed in the back swing, and you can important part of the golf swing. If there is no fol- low-through, then some of make contact with the ball. If you make contact with the center of the clubface, follow-through, and you maintain this perfect circle the power is lost in the swing even with proper ensure this happens by then the sensation of con- continuing to keep the left arm straight. Make sure your knees and hips are following the club through tact should be minimal. If by keeping your left arm you make contact with the weight shifting. A lack of straight at all times. Draw the club back slowly to help heel or toe of the clubface, follow-through will also then you will get a sensa- cause the ball to slice or establish an even tempo. the down swing to keep the tion at contact that is a hook depending on how the When you reach the top of your back swing, your club should be over your head weight shift intact. Do not allow your arm speed to get stinging sensation in both of your hands. clubface made contact with the ball. A proper follow- and parallel to the ground. Your hips and knees should rotate back in concert with ahead of your weight shift, as this will cause the ball to through sees the club all the way through the contact point, and then up and over go off in a variety of direc- tions. the golfer's shoulder. A the club to the good follow-through can ensure proper weight shift. increase distance, and it can increase accuracy. DID YOU KNOW? RESIDENCIAS grand coral BY orena Lorena Ochoa and mexican Real Estate developer, Grupo Grand Coral, launched the first Residential proyect ever to carry her signature; Residencias Grand Coral by Lorena Ochoa in the mexican Riviera Maya. Visit the official website for more information. Currently under construction, it has condos from 2 to 4 bedrooms starting at $125,000 USD with views to the golf course, access to beach club and club house. www

The Perfect Swing by Lorena Ochoa

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Master your Golf Swing with this step by step guide brought to you by the 3 times LPGA world champion, Lorena Ochoa.




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