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Peak Performance: Achieve Your Athletic Goals

PEAK PERFORMANCE: ACHIEVE YOUR ATHLETIC GOALS Sports Nutrition Guide Optimize Body Mood and Composition Motivation Build and Maintain Lean Tissue* Muscle Function* Recovery/ Endurance* Endocrine Muscle Repair* Immune System Support* Cardiovascular Support Support* SUPPLEMENT WHAT IS IT? PROTEIN POWDERS • A convenient way to add protein to the diet • Proteins are part of every cell, tissue, and organ • Supports the body's growth and maintenance of muscle tissue* Egg White Protein • High quality protein • Easily absorbed and utilized by the body • Easily digested complete protein • Bioavailable • Vegetarian with low allergy potential Pea Protein Soy Protein (Nón-GMO) • High quality, complete protein • Has isoflavones that support cardiovascular health and protect against free radical formation* w Whey Protein • Derived from milk • High quality with excellent bioavailability • Complete protein MASS BUILDERS • Support an increase in overall mass* • Support energy storage zation* Creatine Monohydrate • Energy reservoir for intense physical exertion • May increase short-term endurance and strength* • Easily digested and assimilated carbohydrate source • Helps sustain energy and endurance by enhancing muscle energy storage" • Supports post-workout recovery" Maltodextrin • Consists of high molecular weight, highly branched polysaccharides • Slowly absorbed, but easily assimilated • Helps replenish glycogen stores* • Sustained energy' Waxy Maize AMINO ACIDS • Building blocks of proteins • Neurotransmitter production* • Vital for tissue repair" • Enzyme synthesis* • Supports healthy immune function* • Supports body's detoxification systems* • Key amino for urea cycle* • Nitric Oxide (NO) precursor* • Necessary for support of normal growth* Arginine • Pivotal role in urea cycle; helps rid the body of toxic protein metabolites" • Protein synthesis* • Energy production* AAKG Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS) • Account for 1/3 of amino acids in muscle • Key role in muscle tissue growth and repair* • Plays a role in urea cycle; helps rid the body of toxic protein metabolites* • Critical for maintaining Arginine and NO levels* • Helps maintain protein balance* Citrulline • Essential for normal immune system function* • Helps maintain nitrogen balance* Glutamine • Important for ocollagen synthesis* • Acts as a calming neurotransmitter* • Necessary for glutathione synthesis* • Supports glycogen storage* Glycine • Plays a central role in the urea cycle • Helps maintain Arginine and NO levels in the body Ornithine • Needed for proper maintenance and functioning of skeletal muscles* • Important component of bile • Supports fatty acid oxidation (helps to burn fat for energy)* • Supports healthy vascular function* Taurine w DIET SUPPORT • Help in achieving optimal body composition* • Promote fat burning in conjuction with a diet and exercise program • Necessary for fat metabolism" • High concentrations found in the heart Creatine • Important fatty acid found in dairy products CLA • Clinically tested green tea extract with high bioavailability • Supports healthy metabolic rate* • Weight management* GreenSelect® GTE • Clinically tested Coleus Forskohlii ForsLean® extract • Supports the production of muscle tissue* • Facilitates the breakdown of adipose tissue* • Fats that are easily digested and rapidly utilized* • Encourage energy expenditure - not used in fat storage Medium Chain Triglycerides (MČTS) ENERGY AND ENDURANCE • Support and sustain the body's energy production mechanisms* • Encourage the body's own healthy repair and recovery mechanisms* • Promote maximal energy storage for access during exercise* • Helps delay muscle fatigue* • Supports rapid recovery* Beta-Alanine • Promotes energy expenditure* • Supports endurance • Supports enhanced neuromuscu- lar coordination* • Boosts mental alertness* Caffeine • Simple sugar needed for ATP production* D-Ribose • Necessary for carbohydrate metabolism* • ATP production* • Support of glycogen storage* Pyruvate ENDOCRINE SUPPORT • Support the healthy function and coordination of the body's glandular systems* • Produced in the liver • Stimulates growth of muscle, cartilage, and other tissues* • Supports tissue repair* IGF-1 • Supports healthy endocrine function in men* Tongkat Ali LJ100 • Supports reproductive health* Маcа • Supports immune system function* • Magnesium is critical for normal neuromuscular function* ZMAO "These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Presented by: SPORTS MOU Source: GOALS

Peak Performance: Achieve Your Athletic Goals

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This guide breaks down different supplements and what they can help you achieve in your training and workout goals.


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