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Outdoor Laser Flashlights

HOW DO THE LASER GENETICS® OUTDOOR "FLASHLIGHTS" WORK? Some models THE LASER GENETICS® "FLASHLIGHTS" HAVE LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION BUT OFFER GREAT LONG DISTANCE ILLUMINATION. HOW DO THEY DO THAT? ND3X50 Subzero ND5 ND3 Subzero The ND3X50 Subzero with 2 modes 1. Laser Beam The light ray of a strong laser diode goes through a collimator lense system. The collimator prevents the light rays from scattering and aligns them parallel so that they focus on one point. More info: Adjustment mechanism Collimator Laser beam, wiki/Collimator Laser diode Recommended areas for application: deer observation, provide rescue location/indicate location 2. Green Flashlight Adjustment mechanism As one changes the light sources' distance to the collimator through an adjustment mechanism, the light is scattered. Hence, a "laser flashlight" is Collimator created. Recommended areas for application: Outdoors: hiking, fishing, rock climbing, hunting, deer retrieval, geocaching and much more Laser beam DENETICNDS Laser diode Why green laser light? The human eye is especially sensitive to colors with a wavelengh between 520 and 570 nm. Thus, a green laser with the exact same power as a red laser will be perceived 10 times as intense as the red one. This also reduces energy consumption and alllows longer battery life. More Features Frost-resistant Insane Range Uniform illumination The Subzero product line can withstand temperatures of down to 0° F where many other flashlights fail. range of up to 500 yards (depending on the model) Effective & unobtrusive Can indicate rescue location Animals such as deer are not frightened off by green light. Nevertheless their eyes reflect i the light and thus become clearly visible, even; In laser beam mode Laser Genetics flashlights have a range of up to 3 miles. Can be used to provide pin point rescue location. at great distances. 3 m Laser Genetics Pros: - Great power & battery life Uniform illumination of up to 500 yards - Concentrated laser beam has a range of up to 3 miles - Collimator allows for laser ray and flash light in one device Green laser light well perceived by humans, but not by animals · Subzero product line can be used at temperatures down to 0° F Sources - US Patent 20120216440 A1 Infographic created by OBRAMO TASCHENLAMPEN | - - - More info: e LASER GENETICS

Outdoor Laser Flashlights

shared by bjoass on Jun 22
This infographic explains how the critically acclaimed Laser Genetics "flashlights" are working. Furthermore, it details which features and which immense advantages they bring about for outdoor activi...




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