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The Olympics 2012

THE OLYMPICS 2012: medals per country versus medals per millions When we traditionally think of measuring Olympic winnings, we look at the total number of medals won per country. But how does this compare with the number of medals won per million people in a country's population? Let's take a closer look. Oceania Number of Medals (gold, silver, and bronze) Won in 2012 Africa Figure 1: How each region and country compares in terms of medal counts for London 2012. Europe Asia Americas GREAT BRITAIN FRANCE GRENADA GERMANY HUNGARY JAMAICA AUSTRALIA NEW RUSSIA LITHUANIA USA ZEALAND S. AFRICA BRAZIL EGYPT BOTSWANA KENYA ETHIOPIA JAPAN ARMENIA ВАНАМAS GEORGIA MONGOLIA CHINA Number of Medals (gold, silver, and bronze) Won in 2012 by Population Figure 2: How does each region and country compare when we see how many gold medals are won per million people in the population? Do more populated countries necessary have higher gold medal turnouts? And are the "winning countries" with the highest total medal counts also the highest medal winners by population? NEW ZEALAND GRENADA USA AUSTRALIA HUNGARY BRAZIL EGYPT ETHIOPIA S. AFRICA BAHAMAS KENYA RUSSIA LITHUANIA BOTSWANA GREAT BRITAIN GERMANY JAMAICA FRANCE CHINA JAPAN MONGOLIA GEORGIA ARMENIA Top medal winners by population are Grenada, Jamaica, Hungary, and Mongolia compared to the top total medal winners of USA, China, Russia, and Great Britain. KEY: 85 4 45 2.5 15 0.4 0.02 FIGURE 2 KEY: circle size = number medals per 1 million people in population FIGURE 1 KEY: circle size = medal count DATA: Gold Medal Counts: Population Statistics:

The Olympics 2012

shared by sheta on Apr 26
Compares the number of total medals against the number of medals per population to see interesting patterns.


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