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Transcribed National Golf Month

.co also known as NATIONAL GOLF MONTH Golf month is set aside for all the men, women, boys and girls who love golf. Whether you play without a handicap or you just like to get out and hit balls at the driving range, this month is dedicated to you and the game you enjoy! MOST EXPENSIVE GOLF COURSES IN THE WORLD $500 $475 $400 3 per round per round per round Old Head Golf Links Pebble Beach Golf Links Pebble Beach, CA Shadow Creek Las Vegas, NV Kinsale, Ireland GREATNESS KNOWS NO AGE 18 MOST 20 years old. The age of Gene Sarazen, the youngest winner of the PGA Championship. (1922) IMPORTANT EVENTS IN GOLF Tiger Woods was introduced to golf by his father at the incredibly young age of nine months. 1457: The first recorded game of golf.Evidence suggests that the game was played over a century before that in the town of St. Andrews in Scotland. 48 years old. The age of Julius Boros, the oldest PGA Championship winner. (1968) 14 In Littleton, Colorado in 1975, the youngest golfer to shoot a Hole-in-One was Coby Orr. He was five years old. IS THE 1659: The first known reference to the sport in MAXIMUM 64 America when it was NUMBER OF banned in Albany, New York. years old. Mike Austin broke the record for the longest drive in competition at 515 yards. CLUBS ALLOWED TO 1744: The first official BE CARRIED IN A PGA set of golf rules were established by the Gentleman Golfers of Leith. 70 The record for the most holes PLAYERS BAG played in one week is 1850, set by Bob Kurtz. He was 70 years old. 1764: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews expanded their course to 18 holes, establishing the standard. LARGEST LONGEST A HOLE-IN-ONE GREENS GOLFCOURSES AND 1868: The first ever recorded hole-in-one The most Holes-in-One in a career is 68 by Harry Lee Bonner from 1967 to 1985. LONGEST GOLF COURSE was made by Tom Morris at the Open Championship in Prestwick, Scotland. The longest Hole-in-One ever recorded is 447 yards at Miracle Hills Golf Club in Omaha, Nebraska, by Robert Mitera on October 7, 1965. A 50mph gust carried his shot over a 290-yard drop-of. NULLARBOR LINKS, AUSTRALIA 1900: Golf first became an Olympic sport at the Paris Summer Olympics. LONGEST HOLE 7TH HOLE AT SATSUKI GOLF COURSE IN O SANO, JAPAN O The chances of making two Holes-in-One in a round of golf are one in 67 million. 1903: The first golf club in Japan was established at Kobe where golf carts are still prohibited and golfers are allowed a maximum of 8 clubs. The most Holes-in-One in a year is 28 by Scott Palmer in 1983. O LARGEST GREEN INTL. GOLF CLUB IN MASSACHUSETTS 1916: The year the PGA of America was formed. ANATOMY OF THE HIGHEST PAID 1922: Walter Hagen became the first FEMALE GOLFERS GOLF BALL American to win the 1. MICHELLE WIE $12 MILLION British Open. POLYURETHANE LIGHT CAPSULE 1927: The first ever Ryder Cup competition was played and won by the United States. 2. ANNIKA SORENSTAM $11 MILLION SYNTHETIC RUBBER 3. LORENA OCHOA $10 MILLION SURLYN 1944: The WPGA was founded. It later became the LPGA and is now the oldest women's professional sports organization in the U.S. HIGHEST PAID MALE GOLFERS 1. TIGER WOODS 1947: The first televised golfing event was the U.S. Open in St. Louis. $75 MILLION 2. PHIL MICKELSON $46.5 MILLION 1968: The year the PGA TOUR separated from the PGA of America. 3. VIJAY SINGH $37 MILLION 1971: Golf became the first, and only, sport played on the moon when astronaut Alan Shepard drove golf balls on the lunar surface during the Apollo 14 moon landing. SCORECARD OF STATS NUMBER OF GOLF COURSES WORLDWIDE TODAY - 32,000+ 1890 - 387 1979: The first metal "wood" was made of steel by TaylorMade Golf. 2004: Charlie Sifford became the first African American inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame The odds a PGA tour 1 IN 3,000 player will hit a Hole-in-One. The estimated odds an 1 IN 12,000 average player will ace 2005: Michelle Wie became the first female golfer to qualify for a men's USGA event when she was only 15. a hole. 1 IN 1,000,000 Your odds of hitting a Double Eagle (-3 par). 2016: After an absence of 112 years, golf will - return as a featured sport at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. NATIONAL GOLF MONTH AUGUST 1-31, 2011 SOURCES CONSULTED INCLUDE: ABCNEWS.COM, ABOUT.COM, DOUBLEEAGLECLUB.ORG, ESPN.GO.COM, FORBES.COM, GOLFEUROPE.COM, GUINESSWORLDRECORDS.COM, LPGA.COM, PGA.COM, PGATOUR.COM, WIKIPEDIA.ORG, WORLDGOLFHALLOFFAME.ORG, LANDRUMGOLF.COM, LUXIST.COM, PAROUTGOLF.COM, PCAWORLDWIDE.COM, SCOTTISHGOLFHISTORY.NET, HOLEINONEREGISTRATION.COM, GOLFLINK.COM, PAROUTGOLF.COM 850 MILES YARDS 964 National Golf Month

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