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The North London Derby

EST.1912 THE NORTH LONDON DERBY ARSENA L vs. TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS THE NUMBERS WINS, DEFEATS & DRAWS: TOTAL WINS, DEFEATS & DRAWS BY MAJOR COMPETITIONS Legend: I Wins I Defeats I Draws Premier 2 AFC 39 HONOURS 19 League Titles? 13 Wins 40% (96 games) THFC 30 HONOURS' Football League 2 38% 60% 42* 1994 Second Division o The highest scoring NLD was a 5-4 Arsenal victory on November 13, 2004. 50% 2' 1992 Arsenal secured league titles at White Hart Lane in 1971 and 2004. Western League 2003 2012 The biggest winning margin was a 6-o away win at White Hart Lane by Arsenal on March 6, 1935. 21% 2002 2011 2001 2010 Southern League Arsenal beat Tottenham in the F.A. Cup 1993 and 2001 F.A. Cup semi-finals. Arsenal were defeated in a F.A. Cup semi-final by the Spurs in 1991. 25% 37* 2000 2009 Tottenham's biggest winning margin was at home win 5-0, twice (December 25, 1911 and April 4, 1983) at white Hart Lane. 1999 2008 1998 2007 2006 FA Cup 10 41% 40% 1997 The name/concept thought up by Julian Shulam - is given to the day each season when Tottenham can no longer finish above Arsenal (without us getting points deducted). 25% 21% 1996 2005 4 League Cup 1995 2004 Arsenal and Tottenham met in the FA 1993 PREMIER LEAGUE DIVISION League Cup semi-finals in 1987 and 2007, with Arsenal victorious. They met again in 2008 but Arsenal was defeated. FA Charity Shield LEAGUE CUP CUP ONE Draws 25% (59 games) Defeats 35% (85 games) 12 42 GAMES 5 GAMES 12 GAMES 110 GAMES European Trophies 3 (aka UEFA Cup, Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, and European cup winners) 2 Arsenal 72 19 170 • 239 games' have been played. • Arsenal has scored 367 goals? in that time vs Tottenham's 340. Spurs 52 16 156 Anglo-Italian 1 League Cup o Total Goals 124 12 35 326 As of 2013, the two teams have never met in a major cup final. fig 1.0 Wins, defeats, draws against the Spurs: Summarized fig 2.0 Number of times Arsenal has been ahead fig 3.0 Total trophies won Note: ' Total games includes all major & minor European/national competitions which both teams played against each other. includes (wins/draws/defeats): the Premiership, Football League Division 1, FA cup, League cup, Community Shield (0/1/1), Football League South (4/6/4), London War League (2/0/0), War League Cup (1/1/0), London War Cup (o/1/1), Jubilee Trust fund (1/0/1), London Combination (6/3/7), London Professional Footballers Charity Ffund (o/0/3), Daily Telegraph Titanic fund (1/0/0), Southern Charity Cup (1/2/2), Southern League (1/o/1), United League (2/2/2) and friendlies (1/0/0). The Arsenal has finished above Spurs nineteen times since the establishment of the Premier League. The Spurs have finished above the Arsenal twice. Note: 'Excludes a lot of mickey mouse cups won by both teams (i.e.The Emirates Cup, Vodacom Challenge etc.). Only 'major cups' that both team has won is included in the count. Arsenal however did not particpate in the Western League and the Anglo-Italian League Cup that Tottenham won. Taking that into consideration, it would in fact total to Arsenal: 39 cups and Tottenham: 28 cups. 2 The First Division was renamed to the Premier League in 1991. They are essentially the same title. 2 Total goals does not exclude the previously mentioned minor/discontinued European/national competitions. THE STORY SOURCE 1 2 3 4 & _arsenal_fc & _tottenham_hotspurs 5 6 7 8 & /tottenham-hotspur/tab/honours 9 10 1ılTULQhl8 Special thanks to: @littledutchva (providing written content), @danielslavin, @frenchfinesse, @Spurred_On, @BenMcAleer1 @mvanthurner,@jordan6509 and A.Graham - for extra insight, info & editing The North London Derby has quite a long, dark history, with the first (friendly) meeting between Arsenal (called Royal Arsenal then) and Tottenham Hotspurs taking place at Tottenham Marshes on November 19, 1887. The game ended 15 minutes before fulltime due to darkness, with Spurs winning 2-1. The rivalry and mutual dislike really began 26 years later when Arsenal moved to Highbury - just four miles from White Hart Lane - in Since then a total of 239 The two clubs had the first "North London Derby" (although it was only a friendly for the War Relief Fund) on August 22, 1914, and Arsenal smashed their Yet interestingly enough, the Gunners were 'de-relegated' circumstances while the Spurs had rightfully games have been played earned the right to stay up. under "questionable new neighbours 5-1, despite being a division below them. between the two teams. That rivalry became more bitter in 1928 when Tottenham required a favour from Ārsenal to avoid relegation. Arsenal was to play Portsmouth on the last day of the 1927-28 The rivalry has not died of Designed by: @dorkkly (on twitter) In addition to moving in on their territory, Arsenal were also appointed back into the First Division at the expense Tottenham in 1919. Arsenal was relegated when League Football resumed from being temporarily suspended because of the War. season and a win was needed. That said. Arsenal played a (rather peculiarly) poor match and lost, which resulted in the Spurs getting relegated. Research & stat compilation also by @dorkkly. #VictoriaConcordiaCrescit #NorthLondonlsRed Updated: 20130830 and continues to live on. 1913. (DO BARCLAYSO *ALL ILLUSTRATIVE FIGURES ARE DRAWN TO SCALE ST. TOTTERINGHAM'S DAY

The North London Derby

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An illustrated visual of the Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur's rivalry.


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