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North America's Most Popular Sports

North America's Most Popular Sports Experian Data Quality Based on attendance averages from the five biggest professional sports in North America during the 2014 and 2015 seasons TOP TEAM IN EACH SPORT BY ATTENDANCE Dallas Cowboys Los Angeles Dodgers Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Bulls Seattle Sounders FC CHICAGO BULLS 1 90,069 46,894 21,769 21,343 43,734 CANADA West Football Baseball Hockey Basketball Soccer THE 5 LARGEST PROFESSIONAL SPORTS VENUES NFL MLB NHL NBA MLS AT&T Stadium Arlington, Texas MetLife Stadium East Rutherford, New Jersey Green Bay, Wisconsin Lambeau Field FedEx Field Landover, Maryland EverBank Field Jacksonville, Florida CANADA East ny capacity USA Northwest 8. USA New England USA West Mountain 105,000 82,500 80,978 79,500 76,867 USA West North Central USA East North Central Home of the Dallas Cowboys Home of the New York Giants and the New York Jets Home of the Green Bay Packers Home of the Washington Redskins Home of the Jacksonville Jaguars USA Southwest USA Northeast KEY City Team name On the maps: HIGHEST/ LOWEST 12 STATE/PROVINCE COUNTRY (in the city. province/state, country, sport) The circle size is average attendance THE 5 SMALLEST PROFESSIONAL SPORTS VENUES proportionate with average attendance. USA South Atlantic Toyota Park Bridgeview, Illinois Rio Tinto Stadium Sandy, Utah Providence Park Portland, Oregon Columbus Crew Stadium Columbus, Ohio FC Dallas Stadium Frisco, Texas 11 REAL 10 сарacity USA East South Central USA 20,000 Home of the Chicago Fire 20,008 Home of Real Salt Lake 20,439 Home of the Portland Timbers Gulf Region 20,455 20,500 Home of the Columbus Crew Home of FC Dallas 1 CANADA - WEST 2 CANADA - EAST 3 USA - NEW ENGLAND Winnipeg MANITOBA Vancouver Edmonton Calgary ALBERTA Toronto ONTARIO Ottawa Montreal Boston BRITISH COLUMBIA ALBERTA ONTARIO QUEBEC MASSACHUSETTS City + Province 1 City Province City 1 City Province City 1 State * City Province MERS City Province City 1 Province Country City Province Country City Province City State City + Province 21,286 Canadiens 17,421 Mo * Whitever 20,408 Jets MAINE NEW VERMONT HAMPSHIRE YUKON NUNAVUT Boston MASSACHUSETTS RHODE ISLAND CONNECTICUT ONTARIO QUEBEC NEW BRUNSWICK BRITISH COLUMBIA SASKATCHEWAN MANITOBA ALBERTA NOVA SCOTIA Edmonton Montreal Ottawa Vancouver Calgary Toronto Winnipeg 4 USA - NORTHWEST 5 USA - SOUTHWEST 6 USA - WEST MOUNTAIN San Francisco CALIFORNIA Phoenix ARIZONA Seattle Portland Oakland Salt Lake City Denver WASHINGTON OREGON CALIFORNIA UTAH COLORADO City + State City State City City State MLS 合 City State City San Jose REAL AZ City + State City + City State CALIFORNIA City * State City * City * City State State + City State MLS Seattle 68,412 Seahawks San 70,774 Francisco 49ers San Jose 14,947 San Jose Earthquakes Sacramento 16,586 Kings Suns Diamondbacke 25,767 18,707 Sharks 32,388 Colorado Rockies * City KINGS San Francisco Sacramento 1 City State 16,176 Colorado Avalanche CALIFORNIA Arizona 61,979 Cardinals Oakland 1 City MLB 15,082 Colorado Rapids LA Dodgers 46,894 31,782 San Diego G Padres 14,700 Denver Nuggets SHS State + City Sacramento Seattle + City LA MONTANA LA Galaxy 21,258 San Jose WASHINGTON 65,432 San Diego LA CALIFORNIA WYOMING LA 19,168 IDAHO Chargers ZKERS Lakers 18,737 Clippers Portland LA 18,265 City Kings KINGS San Diego Salt Lake City Los Angeles 1 Anaheim City CALIFORNIA OREGON Los Angeles CALIFORNIA NEVADA UTAH Denver COLORADO City San Diego City ARIZONA NEW MEXICO Anaheim CALIFORNIA Phoenix 7 USA - WEST NORTH CENTRAL 8 USA - EAST NORTH CENTRAL 9 USA - NORTHEAST St. Paul Minneapolis Green Bay Detroit Cleveland New York MINNESOTA MINNESOTA WISCONSIN MICHIGAN OHIO NEW YORK 1 State 1 City * NFL City State City +State City 1 State + City City in Kansas City St. Louis State ny MISSOURI MISSOURI 1 City 1 State STON City Buffalo City State NEW YORK 29,081 City FC New York Milwaukee Packers 78,139 + City Kansa New York O WISCONSIN 67,425 Cleveland 20,562 Cleveland S City Kansas 33,189 + City State AUCKS Buffalo 18,580 Sabres City Milwaukee Browns Bucks 14,907 I City Royals City 19,052 City NETS + City Rams Milwaukee 32,349 Brewers Buffalo 67,522 Bills 57,018 St. Louis City 17,787 Cleveland Indians WISCONSI Green Bay Cavaliers State MICHIG Buffalo Kansas 74,967 City Chiefs 43,598 St. Louis Cardinals City NEW YORK Milwaukee State Detroit Chicag Cleveland Columbus PENNSYLVANIA Newark O)New York 18,545 St. Louis Blues Pittsburgh 62,226 Steelers NORTH DAKOTA 15,511 Columbus OHIO Chicago Bears 61,681 Blue Jackets 16,881 Columbus + City State Indianapolis" 1 City City State Columbus/ MINNESOTA Crew Pittsburgh 29,715 Pirates Cincinnati NEW JERSEY 1 City * State 32,319 Cincinnati Pittsburgh 18,617 Penguins • Pittsburgh 1 City Chicago Cubs 35,295 Reds Philadelphia St. Paul 60,703 SOUTH DAKOTA REDS City Minneapolis Pittsburgh PENNSYLVANIA City IOWA NEBRESKA City CHICAGO BULLS. Pacers City State NHL 76. + City + State Kansas City NBA + City State 1 City 1 State + City + State City State KANSAS MISSOURI * NBA St. Louis Chicago Indianapolis INDIANA Cincinnati Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA Newark ILLINOIS OHIO NEW JERSEY 10 USA - GULF REGION 11 USA - EAST SOUTH CENTRAL 12 USA-SOUTH ATLANTIC Dallas Oklahoma City Nashville Baltimore Atlanta Charlotte TEXAS OKLAHOMA TENNESSEE MARYLAND GEORGIA NORTH CAROLINA City State + City State City City State City * State City State THONDER City State City State City State T Memphis TENNESSEE City State Country * NFL City Charlotte Raleigh 1 City 1 State Baltimore Grizzlies 17.329 Oklahoma City Dallas 90,069 Cowboys P Atlanta 72,130 Falcons NORTH CAROLINA OKLANO DELAWARE ARKANSAS WEST VIRGINIA SOUTH CAROLINA Raleigh NORTH CAROLINA MARYLAND Atlanta Washington Orlando DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA I 12,594 Carolina Hurricanes City State Dallas FLORIDA Orlando 33,346 City SC LOUISIANA * City GEORGIA TEXAS San Antonio San Antonio Orlando 16,785 Magic VIRGINIA Houston Antonio 18,606 Spurs TEXAS San New Orleans Jacksonville - 65,541 Jacksonville + City Jaguars Houston 18,229 Rockets + City KENTUCKY Houston 20,117 Dynamo Houston 26,245 Astros New 16,677 77,964 Washington * City Redskins Orlando Miami 70,035 Jacksonville City Pelica TENNESSEE Nashville FLORIDA Dolphins DYNAM FLORIDA * City Memphis Miami 21,917 H Tampa + City City 1 State State Miami MISSISIPPI ALABAMA Citv State Country - NHL + City State * City City + City City MLB New Orleans LOUISIANA Houston Washington DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Tampa Miami TEXAS FLORIDA FLORIDA SOURCES *MLB figures are based on mid-season averages accurate as of August 4, 2015. Celtics Bruins 17,565 Boston 16,681 New England New 68,756 Patriots Boston Revolution 36,028 Red Sox SJOjeuas Toronto 22,086 Montreal ronto 29,535 Blue Jays H 18,246 Ottawa Olers 16,839| Edmonton Vancou Inucks 18,710 15,037 Winnipeg Salt Lake Utah 18,830 Real 20,351 13,345 ΑΓΖona Coyotes Phoenix 16,923 57,416 Raiders 19,596 State Warriors Oakland Franciso Golden Giants 41,73 GOSeattle 29,724 Mariners Trail Blazers Seattle 43,734 Sounders Portland 19,554 Portland Angels Anaheim 16 874 36,581 Ducks New York 78,160 lets New York New York v York 78,967 30.253 Mets 33,915 Tigers 20,027 Detroit 15,266 Redwing troit Detroit 63,024 Lions Green Bay Vikings innesota 19,023H 27,991 Minnesota G 14.528 Sporting 20.00: 52,238 Minnesota 15,189 Devils 13,940 76ers 17.631 Philadelphia Flyers 19,270 Phillies 24,860 os Union New Jersey Philadelp nia Eagles 69,596 nadelphia Cincis A Philadelphia Philadelphia 16.864 arers Chicago White Sox 23.523 Bulls 21,343 Fire Indiana 65.375 Indianapolis obeɔiya Colts Blackhawks 21,769 Chicago 16,076 W Carolina 73,607 Panthers tlanta 17,412H A 17,192 Charlotte Atlanta 25,989 Nashville 16,854E Predators Ravens i Baltimo enTita e Titans Oklahoma Thunder Mavericks 16,816 Ra Texas 31,508 S Ranger 18.203 18,823 Tampa Bay Marlins He 19,712 Panthers Tampa Bay Lightning 11.265 Buccaneers Tampa Bay 33,902 Nationals 19.099 Washingtor Capitals 18.238 Washington Wizards 17,030 DC United Washingtom 73,112 Orleans New Houston. Texans 71,766 Saints

North America's Most Popular Sports

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A visualization of the top 5 most popular professional sports and the average attendance numbers for each team during the 2014 or 2015 seasons.


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