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Infograph Nike (June 15th - December 14th 2011) DDMCA Keywords used 'Nike' MANAGEMENT/CONSULTANCY/ADVICE The Geo Heat Map shows whore in the world people are talking about this specific topic or keyword. Darker green represents more conversation volume. ubervu samples location information from mentions to statistically determine where al conversations take place. DISTRIBUTION GENERAL STATS 5,669,206 mentions Distribution represents the breakdown of mentions of this keyword or topic by site or service. This provides insights into where most of the online conversations about this topic are happening. NO OF MENTIONS: TOP COUNTRIES: United States (40%) GEO HEAT MAP Brazil (6%) • change contrast 1,105,143 retweets (24%) Twitter Facebook ande Indonesia (5%) NO OF RETWEETS: United Kingdom (4%) 4701995 reactions 378050 reactions Japan (3%) NO OF CHECKINS: 9,538 checkins Blogs Boards మ TOP LANGUAGES: English (66%) AVERAGE SENTIMENT: O Fairly POSITIVE Other (9%) 335272 reactions 109856 reactions Spanish (6%) You Youtube Tube Picasa VIEWS 50653 reactions 31907 reactions Views represent the amount of potential views in one's Twitter network based on the number of Twitter followors. The more followers the more potential for people to soe the montion. Flickr Forums మ TOTAL VIEWS 20465 reactions 18247 reactions MENTIONS VIEWED Friendfeed Digg BY AN ESTIMATE OF: 3,165,207,544 people 9561 reactions 6031 reactions SENTIMENT DAILY VIEWS Sentiment shows the percentage & number of mentions that had a positive, neutral or negative tone toward this keyword or topic. The sentiment is scored by an automatic sentiment engine with an accuracy of 75%. Sentiment analysis is best used for directional insights and should not be relied upon solely. TOP COUNTRIES TOP LANGUAGES JUNE 15 OCTOBER 01 NOVEMBER O6 September 09: 94550626 views United States 40 % English 66 % Fairly POSITIVE Brazil Other FOR THE SELECTED PERIOD THE AVERAGE WAS: Indonesia 5% Spanish 13% positive United Kingdom Portuguese Japan Japanese 3% India SENTIMENT BREAK-DOWN FOR VIEWS PER MENTION SELECTED PERIOD: Italy 2% France 2% AVERAGE VIEWS PERIOD HIGH PERIOD LOW 33.1% positive 47.4% neutral 19.3% negative Germany 2% 17,296,216 people 94,550,626 people Mexico 1% 1,131,450 people PLATFORMS USED DAILY SENTIMENT BREAKDOWN: GENDER DISTRIBUTION JUNE 15 JULY 21 AUGUST 26 OCTOBER 01 NOVEMBER O6 68% 32% DIT т TAGCLOUD DAILY MENTIONS The sentiment metric is computed purely by machines, so it's not perfect. However, the technology UberVu is using is accurate about 75% of the time. Real-life people are only accurate 80% of the time themselves in determining whether a certain piece of text is positive or negative. This is because an opinion's sentiment is based on context most of the time. 10 JUNE 15 OCTOBER 01 NOVEMBER 06 low jordan men kids kmo0000 shoes September 08: 78208 mentions white As an example, consider this: "Third world country successfully tests very sophisticated nuclear technology". Depending on what side you look at it, you might find the statement positive or negative. nike inter boots force max running black ran women golf The percentiles for positive, negative and neutral reactions are pretty clear, and the fact that you can see how it evolved over every single day can also be of great help. air km UBERU (c) 2011 - DDMCA - All Rights Reserved - contact: [email protected]


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Nike, Inc.. is an American company. The logo of the company, the Swoosh is one of the world's most recognizable and famous marks. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded the company in 1962 under the na...


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