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NFL Players And Injury Risk

NFLRISK ON AND OFF THE FIELD It's no surprise that football can be dangerous-players are slamming into each other every other minute. Luckily, there are ways to make the game a little safer. AYS NFL PLAYER AVERAGE JOE WHERE ARE NFL PLAYERS AT RISK? NFL players are more likely to live longer than the average male, but are also more likely to sustain long-term injuries suffered a "major injury" while playing that required surgery or eight games 00000000 Diagnosed concussions over season 2014 | 202 2013 229 2012 261 LOCKTON 23 Players have higher risk of developing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy - 76 deceased players tested positive for CTE -Symptoms can begin years after trauma or athletic play Lower Extremities Injuries 60% of all NFL injuries and most player time loss -Memory loss -Impaired judgement -Aggression -Progressive dementia 25% of retirees will need joint replacement After a four year long legal fight, the NFL settled a $765 million suit in 2015, brought by neary 5.00 former HEALTHCARE AFFECTS PLAYER PAYCHECKS players affected by repeated head trauma NFL HEALTH INSURANCE TRAINING COST PAID BY THE NFL Provided while player is affiliated with League Expenses relating to massages, trainers, treatment and vitamins Estimated value of up to $6,000 a month per player Unlimited lifetime maximum benefit Prescription Drug Card with $15/$25/$50 copay GEARED FOR THE GRIDIRON NFL players wear gear to avoid getting hurt, just as employers buy insurance to avoid getting stuck with huge medical bills Helmet with Facemask Mouth Piece PROTECTING THE BRAIN 17 models approved for the 2015 season to reduce head injury PROTECTING THE WALLET PROTECTING THE BODY Custom-made mouthguards are 2X as likely to prevent mild concussions than store bought Brain Surgery: $50,000-$150,000 without insurance ones PROTECTING THE WALLET Mouth Reconstruction: LOCKTON $45,000-$80,000 without insurance 23 Shoulder Pads Thigh Pads PROTECTING THE BODY Advances in tech allow pads to weigh 4 pounds, half as much as a decade ago PROTECTING THE BODY Made mandatory in 2014 as an alternative to hip pads PROTECTING THE WALLET Shoulder Replacement: $7,000-$21,000 without insurance PROTECTING THE WALLET Leg Surgery: $17,000 to $35,000 without insurance Cleats Knee Pads PROTECTING THE BODY PROTECTING THE BODY Made mandatory in 2014 to curb tendon tears Shoes are measured in mm for best fit PROTECTING THE WALLET Broken Foot: $950 to $2,000 PROTECTING THE WALLET Torn ACL: $20,000-50,000 without insurance without insurance VISIT LOCK TON.COM/ASSOCIATE/ROB-WARRINGTON to go pro with your workforce proctection. Sources: DEVELOPED Y NOWSOURCING щ ------ {{

NFL Players And Injury Risk

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While most people only think of the great paychecks, NFL players actually face a lot of serious injuries that can last a lifetime. Learn more about NFL injuries from this infographic!






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