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The Most Die Hard NFL Fan Bases

THE MOST DIE HARD NFL FAN BASES 80 Who are the NFL's most loyal fans? Using a large set of criteria, an unbiased panel set out to crown the supreme rulers of NFL fandom. And that crown is made of Wisconsin cheese. Lo and behold, the NFL's most DIE HARD FAN BASES. #10 DENVER BRONCOS Stadium Capacity: 76,125 Average Attendance/Season: 76,774 Super Bowl Championships: 3 Waiting List for Season Tickets: 60,000+ names Record: 459-386-10 Denver has become a city of transplants and converted Broncos fans. But the team's real fans would travel through any blizzard and across an iced-over 1-70 in order to see their squad. An estimated1 million fans came out for their Super Bowl celebration in downtown Denver. 1 million. #9 CAKLAN LAS VEGASI RAIDERS 57 Last Winning Season Prior to 2016: 2002 Team Travel Miles in 2016: 31,580 (Most in NFL) Number of Super Bowl Championships: 3 Record: 446-398-11 2016 Average Attendance: 54,584 Opposing fans have been known to disappear in the sea of feared, costumed Raiders fans known as The Black Hole. You may question their sanity, but not their loyalty. When the team left LA, the fans followed. With the team now moving to Vegas, best believe the fans will follow, yet again. Raiders fans are born Raiders fans. And they will die Raiders fans. #8 NEW ORLEANS 80 SAINTS Waiting List for Season Tickets: 70,000 names Number of Super Bowl Championships: 1 Average Attendance in 2016: 73,109 Stadium Size/Capacity: 76,468 Top Selling Jerseys: Drew Brees' #9 (24th overall) When Katrina ravaged New Orleans, the city needed hope. And the Saints delivered. On Sept. 25th, 2006, in the first game played after the hurricane, Steve Gleason blocked a punt by the Atlanta Falcons early in the first quarter. It was returned for a touchdown and to this day, the moment symbolizes - now in statue form-the rebirth of New Orleans. #7 DALLAS COWBOYS Franchise Value: $4.2B Stadium Capacity: 100k Average Attendance in 2016: 92,539 (Most in NFL) Super Bowl Championships: 5 Record: 482-365-6 The Cowboys' fan base is massive. And devoted. Even if you were to tell the band wagoners to tuck and roll, you would be left with a group of die-hards that would pack in the 100k-capacity AT&T Stadium many, many times over. They are America's team, whether you like it or not. (You don't). #6 KANSAS CITY ICHIEFS www Loudest Fans in the World: 142.2 dbA (That's louder than a jet engine!) 2016 Average Attendance: 73,328 verage over the last decade) (2nd highest attendance Stadium Capacity: 76,416 (6th largest stadium in the NFL) Guinness World Records: Loudest outdoor stadium in the world (Sep. 29, 2014) Twitter Following: 24M+ Signal callers hate playing at Arrowhead Stadium. It's hard to call plays when you can't hear yourself think. If enthusiasm was the key measurement of fan loyalty, the Chiefs would have a seat at the throne of football fandom. # 5 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Highest Decibel Level Reached in Centurylink Field: 137.6 dbA Team Travel Miles Logged in 2016: 25,688 mi Super Bowl Championships: 1 Decibel Point of Pride: Thanks to the"12th Man," the New York Giants committed 11 false start penalties in one game. 2016 Average Attendance: 69,073 During the heyday of Seattle's DB group, affectionately known as the "Legion of Boom," no place was louder than CenturyLink Field. Could it be the 47 beer concessions? Perhaps, but if you don't think they belong on the list, drop into any of the hundreds of packed bars in and around downtown during a game (in neutral team colors). You might need earplugs. #4 CLEVELAND BROWNS 98 2016 Average Attendance: 66,186 Winning Seasons since 2003: 1 QBs since 1999: 26 Professional Titles: 8 Consecutive Sellout Games: 72 The Dawg Pound. Need we say more? Through nine consecutive losing seasons, endless last-minute blunders, and one heartless departure, Cleveland fans stay loyal. The fans cling to the team's rich history and believe, wholeheartedly, that the best is yet to come. Don't. Stop. Believelanding. #3 INEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 12 Franchise Value: $3.4B Team Travel Miles in 2016: 19,262 mi Super Bowl Championships: 5 Record: 482-365-6 Top Selling Jerseys: Tom Brady: 1 Rob Gronkowski: 5 The Patriots have been good too long for one to figure out who jumped on the bandwagon-and when. The Pats have sold out every home game since 1994. That includes preseason. Fans brave freezing weather to catch Brady and Co., often with a below-zero chance of ever entering the stadium. #2 İPITTSBURGH STEELERS Social Following: 8.59M Super Bowl Championships: 6 Record: 592-531-20 Consecutive Sellout Games: 299 Top Selling Jerseys: Antonio Brown's #84 (8th overall) Steelers fans have been called crude and obnoxious. And they are everywhere-even games their team isn't participating in. Fans always show in large numbers, especially in opposing stadiums. Heinz Field houses Steeler Nation, but expect to see these die hard fans in any stadium to support their team. #1 GREEN BAY PACKERS i12 Average Attendance in 2016: 78,215 (around 27,000 less than the entire city's population) Waiting List for Season Tickets: 123,000 names Professional Titles: 13 Record: 722-548-37 Top Selling Jerseys: Aaron Rodgers' #12 (12th overall) The smallest NFL market has the greatest fans. There is no Green Bay without the Packers. It helps that fans rarely pull a halftime Houdini; win or lose, they stay in their seats. The NFL's most infamous celebration is the Lambeau Leap. The Super Bowl trophy is named after the team's greatest coach. 'Nuff said. FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE ONUND STATE TOP 10 NFL TEAMS 19 BASED ON VALUE #1. DALLAS COWBOYS $4.2 B Current Value $700 M Revenue #2. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS $3.4 B Current Value $523 M Revenue ny #3. NEW YORK GIANTS $3.1 B Current Value $444 M Revenue #4. SAN FRANCISCO 49ers $3.4 B Current Value SE $523 M Revenue #5. WASHINGTON REDSKINS $2.95 B Current Value $447 M Revenue #6. LOS ANGELES RAMS $2.9 B Current Value $317 M Revenue LOS ANGELES #7. NEW YORK JETS $2.75 B Current Value $423 M Revenue #8. CHICAGO BEARS $2.7 B Current Value $385 M Revenue #9. HOUSTON TEXANS $2.6 B Current Value $416 M Revenue #10. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES $2.5 B Current Value $407 M Revenue RESOURCES ot/ http://www.guinnessworldreco, when-seattle-seahawks-fans-created-an-earthquake-39 3205 s-list op-spot/ fl /ranking-32-nfl-fan-bases/ in-sports/ /resources/entertainment/nfl-loyal-fans/ acebook-data-offer-a-clear-winner Brought to you by Tahiti Village Somerpointe Resort

The Most Die Hard NFL Fan Bases

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Which NFL team has the most die-hard fans? We set out to discover the squads with the most loyal followers. Using criteria of the tangible and intangible variety, a panel set out to determine which te...


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