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The Most Common Sports Injuries

The Most Common Shoulder injury SPORTS INJURIES It is the most common injury in sports that involve overhead movement. These problems are generally due to overuse, which loosens the group of tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder. This causes pain, stiffness, weakness and slipping. And How to Treat and Prevent Them TREATMENT • Range-of-motion exercises to strengthen the area; • Physical therapy, followed by PREVENTION • Strengthening the Lower back strain muscles through weight training Almost all sports participants experience this injury at some point, usually from twisting awkwardly, lifting a heavy weight or doing unpracticed sports activity. They primarily occur due to weak or tense muscles, causing a pull or tear of the fibers and tendons, leading to back ache. rehabilitative exercises; • PRICE* and medication Neck strain and pain PREVENTION TREATMENT Usually occurs in one side of the neck, as it • PRICE* and medication; • Stretching; • Orthotic lifts to correct leg problems, if diagnosed a difference; • Bulging discs and sciatica require fast • Use exercise ball to strengthen lower back, hamstring may slightly pulled, causing pain when turning the head. Neck muscles may tighten up and abdominal muscles and help support the back; • Warm-up before practice and stiffen after a long period in an awkward position such as in a medical treatment mountain bike ride. Twisted ankle PREVENTION • Stretching exercises to It occurs when the foot turns strengthen the neck inward and this stretches or tears the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. They are almost inevitable in TREATMENT • Apply ice for 20 minutes at a time sports that involve jumping, running and turning quickly. • Slowly and gently stretch the neck from side to side and in semi circular motions PREVENTION • Exercise regularly to prevent loss of flexibility and stregth; • Wear ankle braces during exercise TREATMENT • Balance training; • PRICE* and medication • Wear ankle braces while healing Tennis elbow It's an inflammation of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. Overusing by repetitive movements, from playing sports such as tennis, inflame the area and pain is felt. PREVENTION • Proper body position technique during swings; • Forearm-strengthening exercises, such as squeezing a soft rubber ball; • Wear an elbow brace TREATMENT • PRICE* and medication; • Physiotherapy: • Prolonged break from the sport may be necessary Runner's knee It occurs when overuse leads to irritation of the tendon below the kneecap or when the region underneath it is worn or afflicted with arthritis. On occasion, fluid will build up and cause swelling symptoms and pain in the knee. Muscle pull Shin splint It can happen in almost any muscle in the body, from strain, overuse, fatigue or taking a fall. It happens when a sudden, severe force is applied to the muscle and the fibers are stretched beyond their capacity. They are most often brought on by overuse or jumping and running on hard surfaces on a more stenuous training program, causing pain in the muscles near or around the shin bones. PREVENTION • Strengthen the quadriceps muscle, which hooks into the kneecap and helps align it into the center of the groove PREVENTION • Stretch before PREVENTION TREATMENT • Soft tissue massage; • Replace shoes and insoles regularly; • Take more rest days between workouts; • Cross train to prevent overuse; • Anti-inflammatory medication; • Warm up properly afterward; Apply ice to your knee for about 20 minutes afterward. and after exercise; • Work muscles on a routine; • Avoid workout when fatiqued • Start exercising slowly • Wear athletic shoes with good arch support; • Run on soft surfaces, like grass TREATMENT TREATMENT • Rest • Apply ice • Gently stretch • PRICE* and medication • Apply ice; • Stretching; • Anti-inflammatory medications The worst categories The PRICE principle Estimated number of treated emergency room injuries in those 35-54 years old in 1998 This method is used to treat many common sports injuries. It limits swelling and allows you to heal faster: Cycling 66,000 Basketball 48,000 PROTECT FROM FURTHER INJURY Use splints, pads, or crutches Baseball 41,000 Running 32,000 Skiing 28,000 RESTRICT ACTIVITY Weightlifting 12,000 The most This will prevent making the injury worse Football 12,000 common sports injuries Golf 11,500 ICE Soccer 11,000 Apply immediately after the injury. Use ice for 20 minutes every 55% Volleyball 9,500 Runner's knee one to two hours, for Tennis - 5,000 the first 48 hours Ice Hockey - 3,000 COMPRESSION 18% Apply an elastic bandage to help reduce swelling Others ELEVATE THE 7% 20% INJURED AREA Tennis Elevate above the heart Shoulder injury elbc to uce ling Sources: | Cell Health FoxNews | Scientific Psychic | WebMD6 Information provided by: МЕФICAL Isurance

The Most Common Sports Injuries

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Different sports cause different injuries and the can cause major damage to the body. This infographic takes a look at common sports injuries and the best way to prevent them.


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