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The most common injuries in sports

THE MOST COMMON INJURIES O SPORTS Have you ever been injured playing a sport? Take a look at which sports have the highest injury rates and the areas of your body that are most likely to be affected. HOW LIKELY ARE YOU TO SUSTAIN A SPORTS INJURY? Average number of injuries per 1000 hours: / 1000 hours Sport 69 Rugby 35.3 Football 14 Basketball 14 Squash 11 Running 8 Alpine Skiing 6 Rowing Machine 6 Treadmill Walking or Jogging Sports injuries account for around Tennis 2% of AGE cases. FOOTBALL O RUGBY Football Rugby WHICH IS MOST LIKELY TO RESULT IN INJURY? No. of registered players worldwide Injury rate per 1000 hours 240 Million 35.3/1000 hours 2.3 Million 69/ 1000 Hours FOOTBALL RUGBY There is an average of Legs sustain o77% 1.4 serious injuries per match of injuries 21% of these are to the knee 18% are to the ankle There have been 5 deaths in amateur rugby over the last decade, as a result of head injuries. The majority of injuries in football are to the following areas of the body: CHILDREN O RUGBY Children have at least a one-in-six chance of being seriously injured during a match. Knee cartilage Ankle The RFU makes a compensatory contribution to Hernia injured youth players of the sport. Anterior Hamstring cruciate ligamemt In Ireland, 43%of all sport-related injuries in secondary school children were asaresultof playing rugby -three tîmes more than in any othersport. In the run up to the London Olympics, there was a 14% rise in sports injuries treated in UK AGE - that's 50,300 more injuries than in the previous 12 months. SKIING vs. SNOWBOARDING WHO SUSTAINS THE MOST INJURIES? 12% 1 in 6 Torso 29% Head Upper extremities 10% -7% Shoulder Skier's thumb 23% Knee 42% Lower extremities Between 2011 and 2012, 205,500 of all A&E attendances for sports injuries involved young men aged between 10 and 29 years old. There is a relatively low rate of injuries in alpine skiing. 2.38 which is less than in a game of netball 13 injuries per 1000 skiing injuries per 1000 hours days 5.31 Snowboarders are roughly twice as likely to sustain an injury than skiers. injuries perY snowboardin9 days TOP5 KUURIES ТОР 6 CRICKET INJURIES THE 5 MOST COMMON INJURIES IN CRICKET ARE: Side strain Lower back Hamstring Shoulder Ankle Cricketers' hands are prone to: Breaks Dislocations Sprains Hand injuries commonly occur as a result of being hit by a cricket ball which can weigh up to... 1639 that's the equivalent of two adult sized gerbils SOURCES netp:// netp:// clubs.ashx |chasetempleton the personal approach to health insurance

The most common injuries in sports

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Our infographic looks at which sports have the highest injury rates and the common injuries that can be sustained in some of the UK’s most popular sports. - See more at:


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