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MLB & Young Fans

MLBR YOUNG and 00 'FANS Baseball is the American pastime, but in recent years, its popularity as a national sport has started to wane. Viewership of MLB games on television is declining, Little League participation is dropping, and the fan base is rapidly aging. However, all is not lost, as technology may help to boost baseball's national popularity, making it easier for fans to watch games and support their favorite teams. Hopefully, with the right blend of technological platforms, the MLB will be able to grow the national fan base and attract younger fans as well. Here's a brief examination of how technology may help baseball become America's favorite game once again. STATISTICS 70% 14% of Americans list baseball as their favorite sport of the MLB fan base is male NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO WENT TO AN MLB GAME 2014 VIEWER SHARE 73.7 MILLION 112 MILLION 2014 SUPER BOWL 79.5 MILLION 13.8 MILLION 2007 WORLD SERIES Ten years ago, children aged 6 to 17 made up Current Little League participation for players aged 7 to 17 7% of the TV audience for postseason games. Now the percentage 5.3 MILLION stands at 4% from 9 million (41% drop from 2002) = MLB DOESN'T MAKE IT EASY GAMES ARE EXPENSIVE TO ATTEND GAMES ARE HARD TO WATCH ON TELEVISION It costs a family of four over $200 to attend an MLB game Because of contract disputes, 70% of Angelenos can't watch the Dodgers play GAMES ARE LONG In 2014, the average game lasted three hours. That's an increase of a half hour from an average baseball game during the mid- 1970s through the mid-1980s DOESN'T CONNECT WITH YOUNG FANS Only 20% of 18- to 29-year-old MLB fans follow the sport somewhat closely or very closely 20% BASEBALL IN THE U.S. CURRENTLY LACKS ANY ICONIC PLAYERS TECHNOLOGY CAN SAVE THE DAY K MLB may attract more fans by embracing digital SB NATION NOTED THAT THE NUMBER OF UNIQUE VISITORS MLB FOR ITS BASEBALL-AFFILIATED SITES HAS CLIMBED THE TOP U.S. SPORTS APP 77% MLB.TV EACH YEAR in April 2015 engaged more than 2 MÍLLION (regarding usage) TIMES DAILY MLB.COM Games can also be Users logged 1.3 BILLION SECOND-MOST VIEWED SPORTS WEBSITE IN 2015 (per duration spent on site) accessed and streamed on 400 different devices minutes that month MLB can make it easier for local fans to watch online or through other channels, or it can save in-depth, play-by-play coverage for local team coverage in select markets MLB PUBLISHED I,000 TO 1,200 INDIVIDUAL ITEMS ON SOCIAL MEDIA VIA ITS MULTIPLE CHANNELS EACH DAY IN 2015 In other words, the fans are there-the MLB needs to adjust to attract them, both in the stadiums and digitally. It can also change general rules to try to make the game shorter and more exciting. A E OHIO 180 4 UNIVERSITY SOURCES

MLB & Young Fans

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Baseball fans are getting increasingly older. Once a very popular American pastime, it has begun to dwindle. Less and less people are watching baseball on TV. Only 14 percent of Americans consider bas...


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