MLB Division Series

DIVIDING LINES 2013 2013 ALDS NLDS The Division Series left 4 teams standing with many moments for clubs, fans and even a few celebrities to post about. Here's a closer look at the conversation. Mentions By Day Braves Dodgers Red Sox Rays 400000 200000 300000 150000 200000 100000 100000 50000 10/3 10/4 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/8 10/9 1010 10/3 10/4 10/5 10/8 10/7 10/8 10/9 10/10 CLINCH TIME 4,058 Tweets Per Minute during the 9th inning CLINCH TIME 994 Tweets Per Minute during the 9th inning |Tigers Athletics Pirates Cardinals 200000 300000 150000 225000 100000 150000 50000 75000 10/3 10/4 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/8 10/9 1010 10/3 104 10/5 10/6 10/7 10/8 10/9 10/10 CLINCH TIME 986 Tweets Per Minute CLINCH TIME 1,651 Tweets Per Minute during the 9th inning during the 9th inning Top Player Mentions TOP TEN MOST TALKED ABOUT PLAYERS Total Twitter Mentions Clayton Kershaw Justin Yasiel Puig Max Scherzer David Ortiz Verlander 193,942 167,043 85,339 69,653 45,860 TB Craig Kimbrel Juan David Jake Jacoby Ellsbury Uribe Price Peavy 42,468 39,074 35,867 35,685 30,497 CELEBRITY TWEETS BOS USTON @Andy Caridinals @LilTunechi RED SO WAY TO G00000!!!! RED OCTO- Red Sox Nation! BERIIIII REDBIRDS NEVER GIVE UPII Bcardinals plane for Busch on Friday see u at NLCS game 11 I am hopping a @jttimberlake @MCHammer Dedgers @TheRealBubbak Dodgers. NLCS. Love it. Let's Go A's !!! OAthletics #Braves gonna do it tonight. Bracs P @BrandonJennings PAYS @mcuban @DickieV It was stili buctober.let's not wait another 22 years "LetsGoBucs ! Congrats TigersllI Great for the city of #Detroit Get to use my tix again #AWESOMEBABY ORaysBaseball congrats @Evan3Longoria Top Photos 60,073 likes 25,075 likes 19 S TON 11,271 likes 10,219 likes Laala 23 ERS BAS "No better feeling than to have your teammates surround you and pour champagne on you after a big game. -Justip Verlander Top Posts SIAMPIONE Los Angeles Dodgers CHAMPIONS Boston Red Sox The Los Angeles #Dodgers are headed to the National League Championship Series. RECAP: See you in the ALCS! #WinToday! CALEZ ORIZ De dgen SEEYOU INTHE 2013 NLCS 2013 ALCS EWINTODAY DODGERS.COM redsox.cor LIke Comment Share O 28,050 Like Comment Share D 35.738 O 166,035 people like this C 126,021 people like this O View previous comments 1 of 10,959 O View previous comments 1 of 10,991 Total Engagment: 205,950 Total Engagment: 172,750 CHAMPTONS St. Louis Cardinals TAMPIONS Detroit Tigers POSTCARDS Peralta smacks a game-changing 3-run homer as Tigers defeat Athletics 8-6 and force Game 5 on Thursday. Cards win! See you in the NLCS! #PostCards 2013 NLCS PERALTA 27 FREESE NOTHING OOTOBER 83 #POSTCARDSs Like Comment Share O 24,127 Like Comment Share D 5,215 O 76,868 people like this C 45,476 people like this O View previous comments 1 of 5,294 O View previous comments 1 of 2,404 Total Engagment: 106,289 Total Engagment: 53,095 Total Engagement = f Share +. Top GIFS DEE GORDON WAS CAUGHT STEALING SEAN RODRIGUEZ LAYS OUT AND COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. G Reblogs 1,643 G Reblogs 739 MOVIN' ON! RED SOX ADVANCE THIS IS . SOMETHING TO FIRST ALCS SINCE 2008. POSTSEASON SPOSTSLASON OSTS BRcom I Reblogs 693 I Reblogs - 561 Watch, rewatch and reblog them all at DRAWNTOMLB.COM @ MLB /MLB MLB MLB.COM Follow the action all season long @MLBSocial created by Sources: Gnip, Inc. Photo Credit: STATOGRAPHICS Data as of 10/11/13 @CARDINALS @DODGERS @TIGERS OREDSOX

MLB Division Series

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We visualized social media data from the Division Series in the MLB Playoffs.




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