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Mixed Martial Arts

AN HTTP://MMA,LY PRODUCTION MIXED MARTIAL ARTS Utilizing a wide variety of fighting techniques, mixed martial arts has become one of the most popular sports in the United States and the most recognized combat sport in the world. MMA events now consistently rank amongst the top in pay-per-view purchases and cable TV views. Below is a short history of MMA's most successful promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and some interesting facts throughout the years. John L. Sullivan (boxer) vs William Muldoon (wrestler) 648 B.C. The Greeks create Pankration, a mix between boxing and wrestling. It goes on to become the most popular Olympic sport. 1887 Sullivan, then heavyweight world boxing champion, entered the ring with his trainer, Greco-Roman wrestling champion Muldoon. Muldoon slammed Sullivan to the mat in two minutes. This was the first major encounter between a boxer and a wrestler in modern times. DANA WHITE 1993 2001 UFC Brothers and casino magnates Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta buy the UFC for $2 million. Along with the management of UFC President Dana White, the UFC becomes the largest and most successful MMA promotion in the world. The UFC is founded. Royce Gracie submits three challengers in a total of 5 minutes and sparks a revolution in martial arts. UFC UFC UFC 28 102 Royce Gracie Ken Shamrock Josh Barnett Gan McGee Todd Duffee Tim VS VS VS Hague 36:06 minutes 7 seconds ONLY SUPERHEAVYWEIGHT FIGHT IN UFC HISTORY. LONGEST FIGHT IN UFC HISTORY April 7th, 1995 FASTEST K.O. IN UFC HISTORY November 17th, 2000 August 29th, 2009 Declared a draw because Barnett won by TKO in round 2. Duffee: “That was an appetizer, I want to eat now Dana, let me eat!" there were no judges. Longest reach in UFC history: Tim Sylvia – 86" Current: Jon Jones - 84.5" Shortest reach in UFC history: Andy Wang – 63" Current: Sean Sherk - 67" Tallest in UFC history: Semmy Schilt – 6' 11.5" Current: Stefan Struve - 6' 11" VETERAN VOICE OF THE OCTAGON UFC Shortest in UFC history: Joe Son - 5' 4" Current: Frankie Edgar – 5'6" (current lightweight champion) r "t's Time!" Bruce Buffer is the half-brother of Michael Buffer. Combined record in the UFC: 86 wins - 41 losses Championship fights: 7 Championship belts: 3 "Let's get ready to rumble!" ) THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER WINNERS Training camp with the most The Ultimate Fighter winners: Greg Jackson's Submission Fighting (Keith Jardine worked as a debt collector, bounty hunter, football coach and even a miner before fighting) UFC 100 - July 11th, 2009 Bruce Buffer performed the famous "Buffer 360." This was the first time he spun around 360 degrees before introducing a fighter (current Heavy- weightchampion Brock Lesnar). UFC OWNERSHIP BREAKDOWN After selling 10% of the UFC to a government-backed corporation from Abu Dhabi: LARGEST PAY PER VIEW NUMBERS UFC 114 925,000 (PPV buys) Dana White Headliner: Rampage vs. Evans Flash Entertainment 9% UFC 1,000,000 10% Headliner: Couture vs. Lesnar Lorenzo Fertitta 40.5% UFC 92 1,000,000 40.5% Headliner: Griffin vs. Evans Frank Fertitta II UFC 66 1,050,000 Headliner: Liddell vs. Ortiz The brothers have agreed, in ZUFFA's legal papers, to have a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match if they cannot come to terms with a disagreement. UFC 100 1,600,000 Headliner: Lesnar vs. Mir RANDOM FACTS Wanderlei Silva's son is named Thor. Dana White was invited to speak at Microsoft's CEO Summit 2010. Over 80% of UFC fighters have college degrees. Other notable attendees: Jeff Bezos (CEO -, Warren Buffet (Chairman and CEO - Berkshire Hathaway), Jamie Dimon (Chairman and CEO - JP Morgan Chase) NOTABLE CELEBRITIES AT UFC 114: TIM DUNCAN MIKE TYSON SNOOP DOGG JESSICA BIEL REGGIE BUSH BAS RUTTEN VS. BRIAN URLACHER UFC EXPANSION Bas was at a charity event after party 28: # of shows in 2009, including the WEC when he accidentally stepped on the foot of NFL Linebacker Brian Urlacher. 100: # of shows/year that Dana White is aiming for Bas apologized and offered to buy him another beer but Urlacher| 130: # of countries that broadcast UFC bouts refused and asked Bas if he wanted to “take it outside."| 1/2 billion: # of homes the UFC is available for 2020: year that Dana White predicts the "UFC will be the biggest sport in the world" Bas smiled and said "Yes." Security stepped in and told Ulracher who Bas is. Urlacher later approached Bas and apologized. UFC Visit for all your MMA needs

Mixed Martial Arts

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I don’t watch MMA too much. My brother’s really into it. Actually there are a lot of Americans into it. These dudes that fight are monsters though. I don’t know how else to describe them.


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