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March Madness Bracket Tips and Facts by Dedicated Media

D dedicated media MARCH MADNESS PICKING THE WINNING BHACKET YOU CAN PICK YOUR FRIENDS. YOU CAN PICK YOUR NOSE. CAN YOU PICK A BRACKET? ANYONE CAN USE A "SCORING SYSTEM" ORA SPECIAL ALGORITHM. TRY LESS CONYENTIONAL METHODS. Tip #1: Mascot Mayhem Pick a mascot that would actually win in a real fight... Sorry Syracuse, a big orange ball doesn't Scare anyone.. Well, unless you're I a chrysophobiac". What We Eat 220 MILLION: GALLONS OF BEER ! *Someone who fears the color orange 333 POOLS OLYMPIC SIZED Please don't pee in the pool. 122 Tip #2: Food Chaos Eat a greasy burger or a dozen wings over your bracket. Where ever the drippings land, you have your winners MILLION WINGS ..And an upset stomach. 57% VS 34% PREFER RANCH PREFER BLUE CHEESE 52 PIZZA MILLION SLICES OF Create a complex algorithm that analyzes seeds, history, player strengths, type of floor, what breakfast cereal each player eats, ambient temperature, shoe get the point. The more ridiculous, the better you may do. #3: Nerd Approach Tip 100 ACRÈS OF PIZZA the same amount of rain forest that disappears in Brazil every hour Speaking of Slices Last year, a urology clinic in Massachusetts offered a free slice of Tip #4: The 5-Year Old pizza with every vasectomy scheduled by patients who visited their clinics during the tournament. Get a five-year old to help pick your bracket. It's that "unknown" that age, What We Spend they have no bias. Sit down, get your imaginary teacup ready and make an afternoon of it. Time Doing (Seriously, it could work!) SOCIAL MEDIA 20 TIMEOUT SEC 230,000 MESSAGES SENT Social Media Timeout: the amount of social media y 59,000 TWEETS activity during a regulation 20 second time out. Tou 665,000 VIDEOS VIEWED •• 1,040 PHOTOS UPLOADED MARCH MADNESS #hashtags |- #ihatebball #whoswinning #NCAA #iheartbball #March #piza, #bracketology #madnessi #bball #DukeSucks! Tip #5: Cool Factor Pick the schools who have the coolest alumni..James Dean? Dennis Hopper? Robert Redford? #college 8200 : 00 MINUTES PLAYED ON THE COURT with that much time you could watch... E EVERY EPISODE OF EPISODES OF 237 SOUTH PARK PLUS DOWNTON ABBEY Gambling 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 bracket combinations! How could I not make a bet? $2.5 MILLION:: MADE IN ILLEGAL BETS GAMBLING IS Tip #6: Gambling ILLEGAL Look over the shoulder of the guy who wins it every year...he knows something. What It Costs (NOTE: if he bets on the games in Vegas AND wins...make him your new best friend.) what people ACTUALLY $1,325 paid for a inal Four ticket with that, you could book a flight for you and a friend to Cancun FACE VALUE OF FINAL FOUR TICKETS Tip #7: Cheat Get a copy of your significant other's bracket and pick the exact opposite. Because really, what do they know about brackets and seeds? (NOTE: IF they' ve won their office pools, refer to tip#b.) $100 $87 $110 $125 $140 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 A Cautionary Tale Don't let this happen to you during the game. Enjoy the tournament! No 1 OUT OF 5 DROP THEIR PHONE IN THE TOILET SCensus date Beer Institute Industry Update, 2013 http://www.nationalohiokencound http://seatgeek.oom/blog/noan-basketball/final-four-tiakets-2013 ans-to-eat-l-23-bilion-chicken-wings-super- kend/ Loveraging their SMARTstack ad delivery and optimization platform, Dedicated Modia delivers irsights that dedicated media drive performanos aoross all digital channels atvolume and scale. Beyond big data - it's smart data built upon it's just smart a decade of campaigns with actionable insights Your campaign. Our platform. It's just smart. dedicated media. it's just smart. Los Angales I Naw YorkI San Francisoo I Chicago 1-608-975-990e

March Madness Bracket Tips and Facts by Dedicated Media

shared by dedicatedmedia on Mar 10
Do you know how to pick a winning NCAA March Madness Bracket? How about how many gallons of beer are consumed during March Madness? Or wings? or Pizza? What about the average face value of the cos...


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