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The many faces of Joey Barton

THE MANY FACES OF JOEY BARTON INTER SPORT THE PRO AN INCREASED CREATIVE FORCE Joey Barton's Successful Passes Toulouse v Marseille: 12/12/2012 12/13 SEASON DIRECTION OF ATTACK Joey Barton's Successful Passes Everton v Man City: 30/09/2006 06/07 SEASON DIRECTION OF ATTACK Centre Centre Midfielder: Midfielder: Joey Barton's VS Premier League's Average Average DATA FROM 2012/13 SEASON: 90 MINUTES PLAYED ONLY PASSES 59 Passes 49 Successful 46 Passes 32 RUNNING 11.7 11.3 Distance Run (km) Team In 4.1 Possession: Distance 4.0 Run (km) Team Not In 4.2 Possession: Distance 4.3 Run (km) TACKLES Tackles 4.5 Attempted 2.4 4.0 Tackles Won 2.3 SEASON-ON-SEASON IMPROVEMENT Passes per game (90 minutes only) Tackles per game (90 minutes only) 60 50 40 30 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Average Tackles Attempted Average Passes I Average Successful Passes I Average Successful Tackles LESCOTT THE WARRIOR 13TH MAY 2012 It's the incident which Joey is best known for. It's the incident that needs little introduction. But his dramatic outburst against Man City on the final day of the season demonstrates his burning desire to succeed, regardless of the consequences. MISINTERPRETED Joey's bad boy reputation will forever precede him. However, his red card to game ratio in domestic games is surprisingly low. RED CARDS PER GAME RED CARDS APPEARANCES 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 0.02 Patrick Viera 8. 307 John Hartson 6. 156 Lee Catermole 6. 174 Vinnie Jones 184 Joey Barton 227 SPORT adidas adid VINTERS VINTERS ad THE JOKER 27TH NOV 2012 Joey's infamous 'Allo Allo! moment wouldn't have looked out of sorts at your local comedy club. Whether he meant it or not, you have to admire his intentions. Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton Steve McCLaren eat your heart out.. Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton In my defence, it is very difficult to do a press conference in Scouse for a room full of French journalists Hillsborough Justice Campaign - "The Truth" 861 THE HERO 18TH AUG 2012 JB, Joey helped bring transparency to the Hillsborough e-petition, which called for the Government to release documents about the 1989 disaster. Joey worked tirelessly across both Twitter and YouTube, to help bring justice to the families who'd fought so hard for the truth. TWITTER MENTIONS IN RESPONSE TO HILLSBOROUGH CAMPAIGN Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton Everybody sign this petition, the truth about hillsborough must come out, all football fans should join together 18 Aug 2012 18291 Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton Fingers crossed. After 23 years, hopefully, tomorrow is the day the families get some form of closure. Long overdue... 20k 12h Sept 2012 6845 Hillsborough video launched on Mw 10k AUG SEP OCT YOUTUBE CHANNEL VIEWS IN RESPONSE TO HILLSBOROUGH CAMPAIGN 12 Sept 2012 4027 O Video views in the first 24 hours USER RESPONSE A Suiram82 Thanks for doing what others fail to do. The negligence surrounding this horrible tragedy is appalling. 5k A edbx1 Well done Joey. Your efforts here have helped the cause massively. You deserve some credit for your determination. But the families and friends of the dead have kept going for 23 years - let's hope tomorrow gives us what we need. 2.Sk A LFCFansCornerTV Respect you so much after this 1st Sept 1st Oct A steveclem1 Hats off Joey Hope these people find peace after 23 years Joey's Hillsborough video is currently the 4th most viewed on his YouTube channel. Watch it here This month: The inaugural GO Twitter Awards By John Naughton consistently amusing formery Broadcast ews Albert B (@Albert King of Twitter Joey Barton (@Joey7Barton) Talk of an Osca nomination fo and buoyant foo figures on Twi speak of a care upswing for the who once sw more than Avodole about my os opinionated, but THE (ONLINE) KING 23RD JULY 2012 Whether you love or loathe him, his often-controversial comments have helped pave the way to Twitter dominance. Here's just a selection of Joey's accomplishments. VOTED KING =2ND 3D2 OF TWITTER 2012 TOP TRENDING SPORTSPEOPLE by The Inaugural GQ Twitter Awards IN THE UK 2012 TOP ENGLISH FOOTBALLERS ON TWITTER BASED ON TOTAL NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS WAYNE ROONEY 5,727,522 2 RIO FERDINAND 3,892,654 Joseph BartonO @Joey7Barton 3 JOEY BARTON 1,955,458 IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS NEW FOLLOWERS Z TWEETS 922,971 3,187 +3,184 NEW FOLLOWERS PER DAY +10 TWEETS PER DAY PECHE EN MER CASSIS CALANQUES 06 30 56 48 55 55 NDE I - Joey Barton fb - Joet6Barton After training this THE FATHER morning its nice to spend some time with the family.. Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton New boots for Sunday. They meet with the Little Man's [Cassius'] approval... pic.twitter.c om/hkqFCXnW Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton Cassius on the 069SQIHF CASSIUS FOOTBALL DATA: 2prozone CREATED BY: TWITTER DATA: marketing cloud

The many faces of Joey Barton

shared by first10 on Feb 25
Whether you listen to those critics who condemn many of Joey’s actions or you create your own opinion of him, there’s no denying he’s a complex character. And it’s these complexities that make...


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