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Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Motorcycle In Peak Performance

Maintenance tips to keep your bike in peak performance CHOOSE YOURCUT SIRLOIN CHUCK&BLADE THICK RIB RUMP THICK FLANK FLANK THIN RIB LEG BRISKIT Here it is Guys (or gals). The latest and greatest tips on how to keep you out of the shop and racing down that frack on your bike. THICK RIB - GAS TANK It's important to maintain your gas tank to keep it clean from dirt and debri. When dirt gets into the gas tank it can clog the lines going to the carburator and plug jets. Also, keeping your air filter clean will help prevent dirt from getting in the engine. SIRLOIN - SEAT A good seat is essential for a comfortable ride and maintaining seat grip. Over time your seat gets damaged from regular use and being in the elements. Poor seat grip can make technical riding more difficult. NECK - HANDLEBARS You can't control your bike without the handlebars, throttle and clutch controls being proplery adjusted. Make sure your handlebars are set correctly so your center of gravity is accurate. Check for damage to han- dlebards, cables, and lines regular- ly so you can repair damaged parts before they cause bike control problems. SHINS - FRONT FORKS/SUSPENSION A motorcycles performance and handling depends on a well-functing front suspension system. Quick Tip: You need to make sure you bleed the air out of your suspension before every ride. Hot air will make the air in the chamber expand giving you a tighter suspension and a rougher ride. It's also recommended that you change the oil every 20 hours in your forks and suspension. LEGS - SWINGARM & CHAIN Making sure your swingarm is in good condition is critical for safe riding. You need to also make sure your motorcyle chain is tensioned properly. This helps prevent your chain from failing, which can make your bike inoperable and can become a dangerous projectile. RUMP - EXHAUST The exhaust is crucial to providing horespower and allowing a motorcylce to run properly. Check for damage regularly and make sure you have a spark arrestor when riding on trails to avoid trouble before you go out on a ride. THIN RIB - ENGINE For every 10-13 hours of riding, you should replace your oil. You should also adjust your valves regularly to keep your engine in tip-top shape. With all the parts that make your engine run, maintaining is much cheaper than fixing or replacing your engine. BRISKET & FLANK - FRAME The frame is the foundation for your entire motorcycle. Make sure you regularly check the frame for rust, dents, cracks, or other damage that could alter the integrity or weaken the frame. CHUCK & BLADE & THICK FLANK - FENDERS The body and fenders of your bike help prevent rocks, dirt, and debri from flying up at you. Make sure your fenders are not damaged before each ride for your own safety. CLOD - NUMBER SIGN For those that like to race or keep a number on their bike. Make sure the number plate is not broken or cracked. If your plate flys off your bike it can hurt you or others around you. RESOURCES -handlebars.html CannibalCycle make-your-suspension-work-better/) TASTY PARTS-BONE CHEAP!

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Motorcycle In Peak Performance

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This infographic provides tips and suggestions on how to maintain individual parts of your motorcycle. The purpose of this infographic is to be a resource for riders that want to know how to take care...


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