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Less than a second in F1

< 5..F1 1s. QUANTUMBLACK く End I Start less than a second in 51 52 1 50 -40s 2013 Grand Prix highlights of Lewis Hamilton for Mercedes 49 48 Hamilton's final position: Hamilton finished 4th, 7.7 seconds behind Rosberg who won the race. Less than a second per lap: The delta (spiral) shows how a 1 second per lap difference with respect to the reference driver (+/-0.5s to Hamilton) can have a significant impact on the result of a race. For Hamilton at the GB Grand Prix this difference is between finishing 1* and 10th. 47 -20s 46 45 7.7 seconds -20s Faster than HAM -0.5s/lap Laps Slower than HAM +0.5s/lap +20s I+26s Reference driver GB Grand Prix Hamilton 52 laps Hamilton 4th (Rosberg 1st) Pit Stops: Rosberg is 20 seconds ahead of Hamilton before pitting, and loses 9 seconds to Hamilton during the pitstop. Hamilton's accident: On lap 7 Hamilton lost the lead and was overtaken by all the other drivers due to the explosion of his left rear tyre. EE Os (Hamilton) LE 32 20 -10s The brightness of the line shows the tyre degradation. Tyres are changed during the pitstop so the line shows a change in degradation level. Massa's accident: -20% On lap 9 Massa also experienced an explosion on his left rear tyre. and went from 2 position to last. 22 24 27 Race Signatures Rosberg Räikkönen Jules Bianchi Hamilton (reference driver) Sutil Bottas of selected races for the 2013 season Alonso Webber Massa Ricciardo Gutierrez Vettel Germany Grand Prix 60 laps Hamilton 5th (Vettel 14) Belgium Grand Prix Canada Grand Prix Monaco Grand Prix 44 laps Hamilton 3rd (Vettel 1*) 70 laps Hamilton 3rd (Vettel 14) 78 laps Hamilton 4th (Rosberg 14) O Mercedes F1 W04 vs. O Mercedes E-Class 250 Car Cost over Lifetime Tyre Cost over Lifetime Hamilton's Mercedes F1 W04 (+1 engine) Salary Hamilton's 2013 Salary A Set of F1 Pirelli Tyres £5,450,000 / 1.5months = £1.4/s £20,000,000year = £1.902/s £1300 / 20mn = £1/s Mercedes E-Class 250 UK Average Salary A Set of Standard Pirelli Tyres £36,820 / 20years = 0.005pence/s £26,500/year =0.3pence/s £708 / 1.06year = 0.002pence/s Deceleration Acceleration Top speed from 100 to 0 km/h from 0 to 100km/h 1.85s 15 metres 1.75 98 m/s 353 km/h 100km/h 1200km/h 300km/h 67 m/s 240 km/h 7.45 4.75s 127 metres Fuel Weight Engine : Max Revolutions per Minute Engine : Horse Power 8000 10000 Fuel Capacity Fuel Consumption Distance on a full tank 5000 15000 150 L 3.8 mpg = 1.62 kpl 243 km 18000 х 60 L 47.9 mpg = 17.03 kpl 1021 km 625 kg 1775 kg 631 bhp 204 bhp х %3D 20000

Less than a second in F1

shared by Quantumblack on Dec 16
QuantumBlack was commissioned to produce a poster for an information design exhibition with the theme 'Less Than A Second'. We used our expertise in data science and design to produce an informative a...


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