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Ice Ice Baby: A Guide to Ice Fishing

ICE İCE BABY A GUIDE TO ICE FISHING Gearing Up Clothing: SWEATER/SHIRT ICE BOOTS COVERALL Waterproof High quality/rating Waterproof Removable liners Wool and fleece For under layers One or two layers of these fabrics COAT • Waist and wrist cuffs Removable liner Wicking layer against the body Gore-Tex or Supplex fabrics To keep elements away from the body SOCKS One pair of heavy-duty wool socks To insulate One pair of wicking socks To keep feet dry LONG UNDERWEAR Add second layer of fleece or wool leggings or sweatpants CLEATS OR TRACTION BALACLAVA DEVICES Protects neck from wind Prevents loss of body heat through head For easier maneuvering on ice NEOPRENE GLOVES Won't freeze when damp Supplies FOLDING НООK CHAIR DIP NET DISGORGER - To retrieve live bait from bucket and keep hands dry - Needlenose pliers • Removes hook TOBOGGAN from fish's mouth OR SLED BUCKET • Haul equipment onto ice - To hold bait "Can also be used as a SKIMMER/ seat SLUSH DIPPER FISHING LINE AND SMALL HOOKS - To remove ice from the hole ICE SAFETY PICK SHORT FISHING ROD SMALL REEL FOR LURE FISHING AUGER - Used for drilling hole WAX WORMS OR SMALL O JIGS MEAL WORMS SMALL ICE FLIES · Easier to keep alive in the winter " Last longer on hook Shelter : ICE SHANTY PORTABLE CANVAS SHELTER - Made of wood or plastic . Easier to take down if weather gets bad Use small burner on ice to keep warm Rented from sport fishing stores or made at home - Around 6x6 ft with two benches, and tall enough for standing - Use stove/heater inside to keep warm HEADING OUT Guide to ice thickness 4" - Ice fishing or other activities on foot 5" - Snowmobile or ATV 8" - 12" - Car or small pickup 2" or less Stay off! 12" - 15" - Medium truck 2" 4" 5" 8-12" - Ilce should be at least 4 in. thick - Check multiple spots as ice thickness can vary - White ice or "snow ice" is only half as strong as new, clear ice. - Double above thickness guidelines when traveling on white ice 15" Finding fish Where to look: - Weed lines - Structures · Coastline breaks - Mouth of small bay/stream where it joins a larger lake Drastic change in depth a plus - Some species school together in the winter, if you haven't had a bite in 20 min., move to a new location Common types GAME FISH PANFISH Found best in low light (sunrise or sunset) - Seek deeper, warmer water as winter progresses Found close to the bottom of lakes and ponds Weed beds - Near structures - Small fish - Found close to the bottom of lakes, ponds, rivers Shallow weedy areas - Near structures Bluegill Walleye Yellow perch Northern pike Crappie Techniques Jigging ATTRACTS DIRECTIONS TOOLS Smaller fish like panfish - Ice fishing rod - Нook - Line - Lures or live bait 1. Drop the line and let the jig 2. Very slowly raise your bait up about a foot off the bottom. 3. Slowly and periodically jig up and down and/or side to side. hook sink to the bottom. Tightlining ATTRACTS DIRECTIONS TOOLS Smaller fish like panfish Med-heavy lure - Should allow line to drop to bottom but not be so heavy that the line doesn't move when fish strike Do not move the line; watch for movement. 2. When line becomes tight, reel in. · Spring bobber - Allows you to tell when a strike occurs Tip-ups ATTRACTS DIRECTIONS TOOLS Larger game fish - Tip-up is a device that you set on the ice above your hole; it dangles bait beneath it. "When strike is made the flag tips up. · Heavier braided line · Larger lure 1. Set up tip-up. 2. Drop line in the water until it hits the bottom, raise it slightly. SAFETY FIRST Attach a compass to your sleeve to find your way back to land in case weather gets bad or you're out at night. IF SOMEONE FALLS IN THE ICE: Resist running up to the edge of the hole as you may fall in. First, call 911 911 for help. Bring along a 20-foot rope with a flotation Do not risk your life to save a pet or other animal. device. Ice fishing is a beloved pastime and the best way to spend a winter's day with nature. 1source In Partnership with Brought to you by CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH&Co.

Ice Ice Baby: A Guide to Ice Fishing

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When winter is upon us, many anglers hang up their rods and wait for warmer weather before casting a line. has created an infographic entitled “Ice Ice Baby: A Guide to Ice...





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