How Wearable Technology is Transforming a Coach's Decision-Making

WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY How is transforming a coach's decision-making As injuries continue to sideline some of the world's top athletes, wearable technologies are being used to monitor how athletes train, perform and recover. In particular, wearable technologies help coaches, administrators and trainers understand players' health and performance so they can make better game time decisions. The Origins of Wearable Tech in Sports $2.8 Catapult. BILLION ulupuiN, $1.9 BILLION In 2009, European Global revenues for Catapult Sports, anticipates having LOUIS VAN GAAL sports, fitness and activity monitors are expected to GROW from $1.9bn in 2013 TO $2.8BN IN 2019 soccer clubs were used both Google some of the first to Glass and Oculus 16-20 NBA TEAMS utilize wearable Rift at the 2014 USING ITS DEVICES technologies to IN PRACTICE World Cup to let his Dutch players relive match situations from a different MEASURE A next season PLAYER'S OVERALL WORKLOAD player's perspective Optimizing Performance Across the Globe A number of MLB players are reportedly using in-bat motion sensors made by companies including ZEPP BASEBALL, and BLAST MOTION to track and analyze players' swings during training to optimize their performance and reduce the risk of injury DIAMOND KINETICS CATAPULT Founded in Australia, Catapult Sports is one of the biggest suppliers of athletics-tracking tech in the sports world (500 tupuI. GPS trackers around the size The device is capable of Worn by over 9500 elite athletes at over 500 of a small mobile phone are worn on the player's back using a chest harness. Some teams have sewn SPECIAL POCKETS into the back of TRACKING OVER 100 METRICS including speed, acceleration, distance and heart rate, sending that information to coaches on the sidelines in real time TEAMS AND INSTITUTES in 35 sports in 35 countries training tops SMARTLIFE ZEBRA miCOACH Smartlife's wearable Dubbed 'official on-field The Adidas miCoach Elite technology comprises patented textile soft sensors that player-tracking provider' the NFL system has been used in European and American MLS games for the last two years integrate into cutting-edge SMART GARMENTS NFL players literally have A CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDERS thanks to Zebra's RFID sensors that are worn within their paddings It's a JERSEY FITTED WITH A SMALL DATA CELL that measures The soft sensors, together with the Smartlife Brain, capture signals from the body in real time with lab accuracy and transmit meaningful health and performance information via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet vitals such as distance, speed, power, acceleration and heart rate These sensors send data that is picked up by receivers placed around the stadium It wirelessly sends data to coaches in real time, allowing them to prevent player exhaustion VIPERPOD Everyone from Man U, Barcelona and Juventus to the England rugby team, Chicago Bulls and the Michael Johnson Performance Centre is The POD technology includes four processors, a GPS module, long-range radio, a heart rate receiver and a 3-D accelerometer, 3-D gyroscope and 3-D digital compass STATSorte USING IT TO FINE-TUNE the fitness of their athletes When used in tandem with the company's Viper software, the pod allows coaches to monitor metrics such as heart rate, speed and metabolic stress load in real time as well as logging all data for post-session analysis Providing Coaches and Trainers with Unprecedented Information Maryland-based Zephyr Technology Corp. makes a BIO-HARNESS that allows coaches to see markers of Zephyr Technology Corp. also makes TRAUMA-MONITORING STICKERS that are affixed to the player's body to measure force and impact. training intensity. These markers include heart rat breathing rate, core temperature, acceleration and more This is an important innovation as the NBA and NFL try to gain a better understanding of concussion risk - beaming the data to laptops, tablets or phones in real time Some teams have used the directional data generated by the devices to CHANGE THEIR TRAINING METHODS to better suit what players experience on the pitch PREVENTING INJURIES Catapult's device can detect whether possible early indicators of injury, a player is leaning a certain way when he cuts, jumps or lands, or whether he's favoring one side over the other, muscular imbalance or movement dysfunction that can be addressed proactively with training and therapy Two seasons ago, the Raptors were AMONG THE MOST INJURED TEAMS After adopting the Catapult technology, they were among the NBA's LEAST-INJURED TEAMS IN 2013-14 in the NBA in terms of games lost 2013 - 2014 Using Catapult, the 2013 champion Florida State Seminoles saw an 88% REDUCTION IN SOFT TISSUE INJURIES among their football players FUTURE OF WEARABLE TECH IN SPORTS The next frontier of wearable tech could see the devices used to track metrics get smaller Cityzen Sciences is working on a product called the D-shirt that has It is CURRENTLY IN TRIALS by St Etienne FC, Tolouse RFC and a couple of U.S. basketball teams GPS BUILT INTO THE FABRIC The next big development will be integrated, customizable technology Technology will move to deeper, MORE FOCUSED PROBLEMS such as rehabilitation, injury prevention and optimizing athletic performance that MEASURES OTHER PARAMETERS of the body, such as hydration Furthermore, wearable technologies are relatively new in origin and thus have expansive POTENTIAL TO IMPROVE, particularly in relation to speed, The industry as a whole could see a MAJOR FINANCIAL BOOM IN THE UPCOMING YEARS as more sports leagues and teams experiment with wearable technologies. accuracy and comfort SOURCES A E OHIO 180 4 UNIVERSITY 000

How Wearable Technology is Transforming a Coach's Decision-Making

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Technology companies are making massive strides in developing and marketing wearable devises for athletic teams. Companies like Zephyr Technology, Viperpod, Smartlife, miCoach, and Catapult are transf...


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