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How to Throw a Super Bowl Party like a Boss

HOW TO THROW A SUPER BOWL PARTY LIKE A BOSS SUPER BOWL XLV THE HISTORY The National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl had its first tickets sold in 1967, but the name of the game was not officially recognized by the league until the fourth championship NFL game. The term "Super Bowl" was considered "undignified" by then NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, but common slang and the media won out - people "wouldn't call it anything but the Super Bowl". By the fourth game, "Super Bowl" was being printed on the NFL championship game tickets. Tickets for the first three championship games simply read 3 26 World Cham "World Championship Game." Fourth Wold Champorshp Game AFLNFL THE GAME On Super Bowl Sunday, American and National football conference (AFC and NFC) champions go head to head in an all out grab for the Super Bowl title, ring, the Vince Lombardi game trophy (so named in 1970) and the winner's bonus share. Player bonus shares have gone from $15,000/$7,500 (winner/loser) in Super Bowl I to $83,000/$42,000 (winner/loser) in Super Bowl XLIV NORL ..and that's to each player! Super Bowl XLV will carry the first use the NFL standard logo, featuring the Lombardi trophy, as unveiled February 4, 2010. Only the stadium background and the roman numerals will change. THE PLAYERS AND WHAT'S AT STAKE Is it all just history in the making? Not for these two teams - both the Green Bay Packers (NFC Division Champion) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC Division Champion) come into Super Bowl XLV with rich histories of their own. Head Coach: Mike Tomlin Head Coach: Mike McCarthy The Pittsburgh defense has dominated this season Green Bay has a deep pocket of wide receivers, five, with with hard hits to quaterbacks and wide receivers. 40 or more catches to counter act the Steeler defense. Eighth appearance in the Super Bowl Fifth appearance in the Super Bowl (matching the record held by the Dallas Cowboys) First Super Bowl appearance since 1997 Third Super Bowl appearance within the last 6 years 12 6 Super Bowl Victories 12 Overall NFL titles (including 3 Super Bowl) Most Super Bowl Victories record Most NFL championship titles record. The team won the fist two Super Bowl games. 12 No. 7. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger No. 12. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Roethlisberger has a 10-2 playoff record. Before taking over as QB starter in 2008 he had won three consecutive postseason games. Both teams will bring the big "D" to Cowboys Stadium in Texas (USA) on FOX Super Bowl Sunday, February 6, 2011 (FOX, 6:30PM (EST)). Some speculate the game will be won by only two or three points; because SPORTS with the depth and talent of both teams this will be an old-school contest of who plays the best defense and who gets the most out of the running game. LET THE GAME BEGIN! THE STADIUM A Super Bowl game demands an equally spectacular venue and Super Bowl XLV will be played in the NFL's largest indoor venue - Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX (USA). Designed by Texas based architects firm HKS Inc. and built over a period of almost four years, Cowboys Stadium opened to the public May 27 th, 2009. It is home to some incredible construction industry achievements. Cowboys Stadium was built and financed largely through the efforts of Dallas Cowboys (professional football team) owner, Jerry Jones. It looks like a high tech spacecraft from the outside, and spans nearly three million square feet; with an 80,000 capacity, expandable to 100,000 with standing-room only areas located among ten levels of the facility. There are over 300 suites in eight different locations on five separate levels of the stadium. Originally estimated at $650 million, the stadium was built at an actual cost of $1.15 billion. It's understandable why Arlington residents fondly refer to the hi-def screen in the stadium as "Jerry-Tron": He had a vision to see it built and now everyone comes to watch. THE GLASS WALL The Stadium houses the world's largest moveable glass wall in the form of retractable, five panel glass doors in each end zone. Each five panel set measures 129 feet high by 180 feet wide, and can open or close in eighteen minutes. THE VIDEO BOARD The largest video board in the stadium runs from the 20-yard line to the 20-yard line measuring 160 feet in length and 72 feet in height. It was awarded as the world's largest HDTV screen (1080p) by Guinness World Records September 28, 2009. The screen is so large that when the stadium hosts an NBA game, the screen is actually larger than the court! HDTV Screen (160-by-72 ft) NBA court (94-by-50 ft) THE ROOF Cowboys Stadium is covered by the largest retractable roof in the world, at 669,800 square feet. A result of kinetic architecture, this expansive roof only takes twelve minutes to open or close. The roof was designed by Walter P Moore, a Houston, Texas based engineering firm. THE PARTY AN UNOFFICIAL HOLIDAY The Super Bowl has evolved into an unofficial American Holiday called Super Bowl Sunday, with all the history, pageantry, hype and celebration of an independence day. Hosting a Super Bowl Party is not just about the game, but the FOOD and the BEER. On Super Bowl weekend: Americans consume more than eight MILLION POUNDS million pounds of guacamole! 15 000 Almost fifteen thousand tons of chips! TONS Over 50 million cases of beer! 50: 000 TIII||||| 50% MILLION This ranks Super Bowl weekend as the 8th CASES biggest beer day of the year behind seven other official holidays, including the 4th of July and Father's Day More than half call in sick on Monday after the big game. If you are not going to the game, and the party is going to be at YOUR HOUSE, then check out these great tips: PLANNING 1 Use your computer and make personalized invitations, place settings, banners, pennants, or even t-shirt iron-ons supporting each team Do something neat with your invitations - have them look like stadium admission tickets or shape them like footballs Go Pittsburgh! Go Green Bay! 3. If you are really into online invitations and party planning then February 6, 2OEE February 6, 21I visit FOOD IDEAS 1 Set out finger foods - tortilla or corn chips and fresh cut vegetables (e.g. carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and celery sticks) - with a variety of hot and cold dips. Cold dips such as Tex Mex dip and Spinach dip can be served with the chips and/ or fresh veggies. Hot dips like hot Artichoke Dip or a hot Crab Dip can be served with tortilla or corn O chips and/or with crackers and baked pita chips. Keep dips warm in crock pots. Serve a variety of appetizers (cheese sticks, mini quiche, sausage rolls) which you I can purchase ready made from any grocery store or make your own. 5: For your Super Bowl party include a variety of different items so your guests can help themselves and snack throughout the game. A LAST MINUTE PARTY 1 Stick with snacks. You should be able to find all you need at the grocery store, even if you have to go to several it will take less time than cooking food at home. Consider fast food. Ordering takeout on Super Bowl Sunday can be a nightmare, but fast food places are open every Super Bowl Sunday, and by ordering from the value menu, fast food can be cheap. Buy beverages in bottles or cans (whether soda or beer) so you do not have to U search for and buy cups, one chore saved. Buy a cable splitter and bring multiple televisions into the viewing room so you can all watch multiple programs like pre-game for example. This will also be so much cheaper than renting a large screen television at the last minute! High Performance Splitter 1GHE 3-Way Ask guests to bring chairs. Since you were asked to do this at the last minute they can at least bring their own chairs and then you do not have to move any furniture around to figure out a place for everyone to sit and watch the game. A FOOTBALL FAN'S GUIDE TO SAFETY FOOD SAFETY PERSONAL SAFETY While football has the 'two-minute' warning, Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk! the world of food safety has the 'two-hour rule. One of the biggest food safety mistakes If you are hosting a Super Bowl party: people tend to make during these types of gatherings is that they let perishable food Remember, you can be held liable and prosecuted items sit out for far too long. if someone you served ends up in an impaired driving crash. Many Super Bowl parties will go on for several hours where the food will often be left at room Make sure all of your guests designate their sober temperature; after sitting out for more than drivers in advance, or help arrange ride-sharing two hours this food can easily allow bacteria with other sober drivers. to multiply and cause illness. Food borne illnesses can lead to hospitalization and even death. Serve lots of food and include lots of non- alcoholic beverages at the party. The following tips will help keep friends and family safe from food borne illness: Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter of the game and begin serving coffee and dessert. Clean Wash hands and surfaces often. Keep the numbers for local cab companies handy, Separate Don't cross-contaminate. Keep raw meat and take the keys away from anyone who is thinking and poultry apart from cooked foods. of driving while impaired. Cook Use a food thermometer to be sure meat and poultry are safely cooked. Chill Refrigerate or freeze promptly. PITTSBURGH PACKERS FIXT SOURCES SUPER CHAMPIO FL ONAMP Steelers (00 2345 Jululu 2345

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party like a Boss

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