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How Swimming Can Keep You Fit And Well

Love Water ? 14 BENEFITS OF Get Into It! SWIMMING Swimming is a superb activity for increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and strength of the heart muscle, mostly because it gives an excellent workout to just about every single muscle group. In order for the muscles to function at their optimum, the heart and lungs have to work vigorously to provide the oxygen that they require. Going for a swim will release chemicals in the brain called endorphins. These "feel good" chemicals, similar to morphine, can reduce symptoms of pain, lead to feelings of elation, lessen appetite and increase sex drive. Increased levels of endorphins result in less stress and anxiety. Additionally, vital minerals and vitamins get circulated around the body more effectively because of the increased blood movement. Less stress helps with being able to relax and contribute to a clearer thought process. Many people go for a swim purely for enjoyment and pleasure. We can just go for a swim and stop thinking about our troubles for a while. The health of the heart is improved when it is at rest. An unfit person will have a higher heart rate than a fit person when resting because it needs to work harder to sustain the normal function of the body. Getting quality sleep is important to our overall mental health and swimming can set us up into a regular sleeping pattern. It is a great way to create new friendships and existing ones can be consolidated. LOWERS BLOOD PRESSURE DECREASES STRESS AND ANXIETY PROMOTES HEALTHY SLEEPING INCREASES BLOOD FLOW BUILDS CONFIDENCE DECREASES RESTING HEART RATE IT'S ENJOYABLE FOSTERS FRIENDSHIPS THE HEART AND BLOOD 14 (CARDIOVASCULAR) SYSTEM AMAZING MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH BENEFITS OF SWIMMING WEIGHT LOSS AND DIABETES THE MUSCULAR AND SKELETAL SYSTEM HIGH CALORIE USAGE STRONGER BONES IMPROVES МЕТАВOLIC RATE DIABETES TYPE 2 REDUCTION INCREASES JOINT МОBILITY DEVELOPS MUSCULAR TONE Swimming is a superb way to burn calories, whatever the class of swimmer, because it can be done at a leisurely or a brisk pace. Because it uses so many muscles, it uses up many calories. It is a wonderful exercise for elderly people with joint problems. Swimming is a wide-ranging exercise that works a lot of muscles at the same time. Over time, the muscles will become stronger and toned, and stamina will increase. The great part about it is that it is one of the best ways to exercise without damaging the joints and tendons in the body because it is a low impact, non-weight bearing sport. Obviously, calories are being spent while swimming is being performed, but they are also used up after exercise has taken place. "Afterburn" ensues for numerous hours after the swimming session, the effect being greater after a higher intensity session. Because it is a non-weight bearing activity, swimming in itself doesn't strengthen the bones directly, however, stronger muscles from swimming do increase bone strength indirectly. Lack of exercise and being overweight can cause type 2 diabetes. Regular swimming can reduce the chance of forming the disease because it will lead to weight reduction. Diabetics will also receive greater glycemic control because exercising uses insulin and regulates levels of blood sugar. Relieving arthritis pain is another benefit of swimming, due to the fact that stronger muscles surrounding the joints can relieve some of the pressure on them, greater mobility and less discomfort is often a result. CoboʻTo0z Love Water ? Get Into It! Swimming Accessories

How Swimming Can Keep You Fit And Well

shared by Martyboy on Mar 03
14 ways in which swimming is beneficial to your health, physical and mental.



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