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How Social Media has Impacted Sports Journalism

f You Tube SOCIAL SPORTS INEWS SPORT-NALISM HOW SOCIAL MEDIA HAS IMPACTED SPORTS JOURNALISM Pre-1940's 1969 1991 The newspaper sports industry is the dominant news source in the U.S. The internet is available commercially First credited weblogs created 2004 2004 2003 facebook myspace digg Linked in Newspapers become the least preferred primary news source for youth Facebook and Digg are launched Myspace and Linkedin are launched 2005 2006 2009 You Tube Twitter is launched 1,397 daily newspapers in circulation, down 21% from 1950 YouTube is launched 2013 2013 2013 110 milon 111 billion users on Facebook 492 million Tweets were about sports events 500 million registered Twitter accounts 2013 2013 2014 NBC Sports 2-10 milion YouTube reaches 4 billion views per day 300 million members are signed up on Linkedin NBC Sports partners with a video creation company as part of a social media campaign for the Stanley Cup SOCIAL MEDIA & SPORTS JOURNALISM TODAY Twitter has most impacted sports journalism 24% of all journalists use other journalists blogs 20% of all journalists use YouTube and other audio visual social media sources 100% 54% of all journalists use Linkedin and other professional social media sites of all journalists use non-journalists blogs 11% 7% of all journalists Use Twitter regularly IN TODAY'S WORLD, SPORTS JOURNALISTS FACE: Pressure to get information out quickly A need to check social 5 media regularly A need to produce content through a variety of mediums Increased competition from other journalists and bloggers A need to maintain social media accounts and blogs 73% A need to "follow athletes and sports teams on social media for stories of all journalists use social media to monitor their competition THEY GENERALLY LIKE AND DISLIKE The interaction with readers, listeners and viewers Negative interaction with readers, listeners and viewers That social media tells them what stories are most important to fans Inaccuracy of data on social media Unofficial journalism handles and accounts The promotion of their work XXXX ESPN SOCIAL MEDIA STATS AS OF JULY 2014 曾 會 會 會 會 facebook You Tube followers across ll ESPN Twitter accounts 26.5 million unique 1.96 million users sent 7.7 million tweets about ESPN 2.6 million people 39.2 million YouTube views, up 66% from 2012 SOCIAL MEDIA IN SPORTS AS SPORTS JOURNALISTS INCREASINGLY ADOPT SOCIAL MEDIA, SO DOES THE SPORTING INDUSTRY. THREE MAJOR SPORTS AND SPORTING EVENTS WITH A LOT OF SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ ARE: WORLD CUP SOCCER BASKETBALL FOOTBALL 459 459 million posts, likes and comments were generated on Facebook during the first week of the World Cup 2014 NBA is the 1 sports league on social media 24.9 million tweets sent about Super Bowl XLVI #CristianoRonaldo #CristianoRonaldo #hashtag 2/3 Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was mentioned 1.5 million times on Twitter during the U.S. - Portugal match Two-thirds of NBA players are on Twitter More than half of the commercials aired during Super Bowl XLVI included a socialhashtag fffff 12.2 million tweets generated by the opening game of the FIFA World Cup 26 Million tweets were generated about the NBA Finals 185 million interactions on Facebook about Super Bowl XLVI SOURCES • ing-director-shields-talks-future-of-social-media/ • •https://online nal V4_N1_2014 Spring pdf • p/2014/05/06/three-charts-that-explain-how-u-s-journalists-use-social-media/ • • cial-twitter/ • bers-300-million-2014-4 • sights/news/2014/sports-fans-amplify-the-action-across-screens.html • ley-cup-playoffs-one-goal/ • ists-blaze-new-trails-via-social-media-multiple-platforms/ • tal-media-sets-all-time-record-for-mobile-usagel • sion%20page.htm • calMediaHistory.html Brouoht to vou bv: UF ONLINE UNIVERSITY of FLORIDA

How Social Media has Impacted Sports Journalism

shared by andrewdeen on Oct 01
Social media has taken the world by storm. It has impacted the way we receive and share all kinds of news; from the weather, celebrity gossip, and politics, to who got engaged, who is having a baby an...


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