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How to Shoot a bow better

How to Aim a Bow Better The United States Archery Men's Team won the Silver Medal at the FITA Olympic Round - 70 m in the 2012 London Olympics. This has driven the popularity of archery in the country to a significant extent. 18.9 million Americans, 18 years or older, engage in archery. Archery can seem a little overwhelming for beginners of all ages. Proper tips on posture, diet, fitness and equipment to be used, can make the sport a lot more enjoyable, Stance Bow Grip Face the target at about 45 degrees.. No need to squeeze the life out of the bow, as it can degrade accuracy. Hold it firmly, but gently. Draw Don't use a bow that is too heavy for you to raise. Make sure you can close the grip around the bow by touching your forefinger or middle finger with the thumb. Don't keep your bow arm too stiff while extending it toward the target Use an open Grip the string firmly in your fingers or in the jaws of a mechanical release aid. bow hand with a wrist sling, in case the loose grip seems difficult. Keep the bow grip loose and pull back the string smoothly towards your face. Anchor Keep both feet parallel, 18 to 24 inches apart, and not perpendicular to each other. After drawing the string, find a comfortable anchor point by aligning your aiming eye with the string. Both feet should be pointing directly towards the target. You can touch your index finger to the corner of your mouth and drop the thumb below the chin for a better anchor point. Release Aim Relax your fingers after taking aim. Aim with bowsights, preferably with a laser rangefinder. Release the string smoothly without a jerk. Keep aiming until the arrow hits the target. Don't aim then focus. Focus first; then fix your aim. Don't over-focus. Relax and breathe evenly. Follow-Through Don't move your eyes from the target. Shoot smoothly, just like you do Focus on the target. Get ready to shoot. You are sure to hit the bull's eye. ARCHERY ON FIRE M [email protected] Hours: Tues to Sat 9-6 | Sun 10-6 Mon - Field Range Only Map Link: 18500 Trails End Road, Conroe, TX 77385

How to Shoot a bow better

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Archery can seem a little overwhelming for beginners of all ages . Proper tips on posture ,diet ,fitness and equipment to be used,can make the sport a lot more enjoyable.So follow the tips ,focus on t...




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