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How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Rules

Hom to Run a Marathen Raceday Rules Myth 1. NEW SHOES FOR A NEW RACE WILL DEFINITELY LEAD TO A NEW PR. GENIUS! Rule You'll often find great stuff at the expo, from race merchandise to new gadgets. But if you have to put on something new to feel fast - grab a new tech tee. Running 13.1 in new kicks can cause unwanted blisters, chafing and pain. Myth IF I DRINK EXTRA WATER MINUTES BEFORE THE RACE, I'LL BE FINE.JUST LIKE A CAMEL! Rule Drink just enough on race morning, while utilizing water stations during the race (remember: if you feel thirsty during the race, you are already dehydrated!) Myth 3. I'LL WEAR MY BIB ON MY BACK SO OTHERS WILL KNOW WHO PASSED THEM DURING THE RACE. LATER, SUCKERS! Rule A finish line photo can be a great way to verify your time in case of an error - make sure your bib is on properly so you don't miss out! Myth I'LL USE THE FEELING OF HAVING TO PEE TO RUN FASTER! THAT'LL WORK. Rule Long potty lines are common- at a big race, there may be other porta-potties nearby - but, relieving yourself prior to a race is worth the wait. Plus, not having to stop and "go" during a race will reduce your risk of cramping. Myth THE BEST PLACE TO START THE RACE IS AT THE FRONT! I'LL JUST MOVE UP TO THE FRONT WITH THE ELITE GROUP. Rule Start in the corral that you are assigned to; you'll be running with others in your actual pace group and won't run the risk of getting trampled. Myth WHATEVER'S ON THIS TABLE IS THERE TO HELP ME RUN FASTER. REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS, I WILL EITHER DUMP IT ON MYSELF OR GULP IT DOWN! Rule Take a quick look at the aid stations listed on the course map. You could end up eating Vaseline while drenched in Gatorade. Being sticky, buzzed or nauseous does not equal a faster pace. Myth 7. CHAFING JUST SHOWS HOW HARD I'M GOING AND MEANS I'M ONE OF THE BEST RUNNERS OUT HERE! GO ME! Rule Apparel made of synthetic materials may prevent chafing. Take it a step further and use an anti-chafing stick, "Body Glide" and/or Band-Aids on those awkward areas that will likely suffer from friction. Myth 8. THOSE CAN'T BE MY ACTUAL RESULTS! I JUST RAN 26.2 MILES IN WHAT I THOUGHT WAS RECORD TIME. WHAT THE HECK! 12 HRS Rule Remove the D-Tag (usually taped onto the race bib) and attach it to your shoe for proper race timing and accurate results. Myth 6. I MEMORIZED THE ROUTE BEFOREHAND, AND I'M POSITIVE ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE RUNNING THE WRONG WAY. I'LL BE THE TRAILBLAZER! Rule Follow the course signage, and try not to lose yourself in your iPod! Unless you're in front, you'll have other runners to guide through the course, and keep an eye out for lines of traffic cones or fencing to avoid getting lost. Myth 10 THE END IS NEAR! TIME FOR A PRE-FINISH SELFIE! Rule Keep going hard until the very end – don't end up being the wall other people hit just before the finish line. And remember to smile as you cross! Looking like a zombie in your finish line photos is not the way you want to remember the race. Myth 11 MADE IT! AND IN RECORD TIME! TIME TO BASK IN THE GLORY THAT IS ME RIGHT HERE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FINISH LINE. Finish line Rule Don't risk getting run over by other runners charging through the finish line. The first team on the other side of the finish line is usually medical personnel, so you'll want to keep clear if you're doing well. Pause your Garmin and jog or walk down the finisher's chute to claim your hard earned medal and post-race snacks! BROUGHT TO YOU BY Rock'nRoll MARATHON SERIES

How to Run a Marathon: Raceday Rules

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Whether you’re preparing for your first, or are just looking to improve upon your last, you may be looking into how to run a marathon successfully. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as quickly putti...


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