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How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks Stuck in the Skin

HOW REAL MEN REMOVE FISH HOOKS STUCK IN THE SKIN It can happen to anyone, anytime - You get a hook embedded in your skin! If you've got the nerve (and which real fisherman hasn't?) these are some methods you can try at home (or out at sea)... STRING YANK technique Try this when the hook is small, it hasn't turned back up towards the skin surface, and if the barb isn't too broad. Wrap a strong piece of string such as a fishing line around the bend of the hook. Press down on the eye of the hook. While pressing down, give the string a jerk, keeping it on the same line as the shank. Stabilize the area where you're Put some antiseptic on the skin and bandage. Then get back to fishing! hooked on a table or flat surface. ADVANCE AND CUT technique Try this when the point is near the surface of the skin or if the hook is multi-barbed. Remove the hook by pulling eye and sliding it back in case of single barbed hooks and by pulling the point in case of multi barbed hooks. Push the point of the hook out through the skin past the barb. Cut below the barb on the part that you've pushed out. If it's a single barbed hook and just ahead of the eye if it'a a multi barbed hook. Follow the path as the bend of the hook. Sterilise the wound and bandage. Get back to fishing! Source: Dinga Fishing & Stuff

How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks Stuck in the Skin

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It can happen to any angling enthusiast! Here's how to remove a fishing hook stuck in your skin. Try this at home (or at sea) if you've got the nerve - and which fisherman hasn't?


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