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How to Play Football

HOW TO PLAY AMERICAN FOOTBALL ADVANCING THE BALL CLINE OF SCRIMMAGE In one possession, the offense has four tries to move the ball forward 10 yards. These tries are called "downs". Each time the offense successtully moves the ball forward at least 10 yards from where they started that series, it isa first down and players are rewarded with a fresh LINE TO GAIN The game of football is played with 22 players on 10 YARDS the field, 11 players from each team. The offense is the team with the ball. The goal of the offense is to set of downs to continue their advance run plays to move the ball down the field to their end zone to score points. Plays are planned moves that the team performs together. The defense is the 20 FEET 24 FEET - OUT OF BOUNDS team without the ball. The goal of the defense is to HASH MARKS stop the offense from scoring points, and to try to YARD LINES get the ball away from the offense. The team with - GOAL POST 10 FEET the most points at the end of the game wins. 160 FEET HOW TO PLAY DEFENSE r GOAL LINE - ENDZONE 10 YARDS TACKLE INTERCEPTION 50 40/ 30 /20 100 YARDS MISCELLANEOUS HOW TO PLAY OFFENSE mpmp 107 FUMBLE Whe PASS RUN When KICK the When PENTALTIES ...........- ST SCORING EXTRA POINT SAFETY Theythe detima fh hed wth pe pl dingtam Mt pente ng 2PT CONVERSION FIELD GOAL TOUCHDOWN Ahethdn he pt Aherdn te p ate r Ahd nee M hed Some e pem nte n don Conery thebal meee peie mINCHES

How to Play Football

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The game of football is played with 22 players on the field, 11 players from each team. Check out this graphic for how to play American football.



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