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How to Hit the Lip

HOW TO HIT THE LIP Hitting the lip in surfing refers to hitting the top of the wave after taking a bottom turn 1 THE BOTTOM TURN First, master the bottom turn. A bottom turn is when you enter the wave and do a 360° spin at the base of the wave 2 TOUCH WAVE & THROW ARM Do a bottom turn, touch the water and trail it along while you are riding, then throw the arm across your body and down the wave as you make the turn at the top 3 9 0'CLOCK WRAP Do a base turn, do the touch and throw method, but instead, put your other arm, the one not trailing up, to the 12 o'clock position 4 KARATE CHOР Do your base turn, ride up the wave, and as you are coming down, throw your leading arm up into the air and behind your head www.HTSRESORT.COM

How to Hit the Lip

shared by HTsResort on Jul 09
There are plenty of surfing terms and phrases that you may not know yet and confuse you. One such term is hitting the lip; let's see it in detail.


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