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How does Roller Derby actually work?

ROLLER DERBY: JAMMERS AND BLOCKERS AND PIVOTS, OH MY! ANATOMY OFA ROLLER GIRL LEGAL CONTACT Mouth guard Helmet: Protects against head injury and indicates position during jam. BLOCKING ZONES TARGET ZONES Shaded regions are legal areas a skater can use to block, hit or check. Shaded regions are legal areas where a skater may be blocked, hit or checked Team uniform shirt: Team name on front, derby name on back. Derby names are registered to ensure no two skaters have the same name. Elbow pads MACEDY Wrist guards TYPES OF BLOCKS BOOTY BLOCK J-BLOCK Short skirt or shorts provide maximum Use the full body to spring shoulder-first into the opposing player. manoeuvrability Keep the opposing jammer from passing by keeping your "booty" in their way. Knee pads THE CAN-OPENER HIP CHECK Ankle-high, quad-wheel roller skates From a crouching position, spring upward, ramming your shoulder into the other skater's sternum. Be careful to keep your elbow away from their body or you'll recieve a penalty. Thrust your hip into the opposing player, sending them off balance and preventing them from passing or enabling the jammer to pass the blocker. THE BOUT A bout consists of two 30-minute periods, each period is broken up into 'jams'. Each jam lasts up to two minutes with a 30 second break between jams. if all skaters are not in position at the beginning of the jam, the jam will start without them and the team will skate short. A JAM The whistle blows once and the pack takes off. When the last blocker crosses the pivot line, the whistle blows twice and the jammers take off. STARTING POSITIONS Pack of Blockers Jammers The jammers work to get through the pack. The first time through, the jammers try to beat each other through the pack to become the "lead jammer." Jammers don't score on the first pass. -Pivot line On subsequent passes, the jammers can score points. The blockers block the opposing jammers while trying to get their jammer through. 'Lead jammers' can end the jam before the two minutes are up by repeatedly placing their hands on their hips. A jam is over once the referee blows his whistle four times. WHO'S WHO IN THE PACK JAMMER BLOCKER PIVOT Helmet cover with Helmet cover with stripes. No helmet stars. cover. Duties: Scores points by lapping opposing team members. A jammer may transfer her position to the pivot during the bout by removing the helmet cover and passing it to the pivot. Duties: Duties: A blocker who Helps the team's jammer progress through the pack, hinders the opposing team's jammer by preventing her from passing. may be designated as a jammer during the course of a jam. Establishes team strategy during play. SOURCE: WOMEN'S FLAT TRACK DERBY ASSOCIATION ANDREW BARR, MIKE FAILLE, JONATHON RIVAIT / NATIONAL POST

How does Roller Derby actually work?

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Roller Derby, a sport revived in Texas after lying dormant since the 1970s, pits teams of women who skate around an oval, with one skater on each team trying to pass the others — and the other playe...


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