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The History of Bikes

History Bikes 1817 1858 Baron von Drais invents the Draisine Pedals are added to the front wheel, creating the Velocipede (Boneshaker) (Hobby Horse/Swift-Walker) 1868 1866 Pierre Michaux and the James Stanley creates the Penny Farthing (the Ordinary) Olivier brothers start the first mass-production of bicycles A steam powered bike is made. 1869 1870 Solid rubber tires are being used. First road race, 113 km from Paris to Rouen. Won by The unicycle is invented as a spin-off of the Penney Farthing. James Moore. 1872 1878 The first high-wheel Penny Farthing is manufactured in Britian First portable bicycle made by William Grout (the Ariel) 1879 1880 Henry J. Lawsen patents a chain-driven bicycle (the Bicyclette) The bicycle club League of American Wheelmen was founded Good Roads Society organised to lobby for better roads 1884 1885 Thomas Stevens is the first person to cycle across the United States The British army starts using bicyclists as scouts John Kemp Starley invents the safety bicycle (Rover Safety) 1888 1887 Inflatable tubes are invented by John Boyd Dunlop Thomas Stevens is the first person to cycle around the world... on a Penny Farting The company Raleigh Cycles is started by Sir Frank Bowden 1890 Gottlieb Daimler added an internal-combustion 1889 engine to a bike, creating the first motorcycles Cycles Alumnium pro- duces some of the first The back-pedal brake is patented by Daniel Stover and William Hance alumnium bikes 1893 1891 Michael B. Ryan applies for the first folding bike patent The Tandem Velocipede is patented by Henry Barr and Franck Peck The Wright brothers open Wright Cycle Company in Dayton, Ohio ational 6-day bicycle race is held in Madi- son Square Garden, New York City first 1895 1894 Ogden Bolton Jr. patents the first battery powered bicycle Annie Cohen Kopchovsky is the first woman to cycle around the world 1898 Freewheeling invented, so the wheels could spin without pedaling 1896 Coaster brakes are invented and fitted onto bicycles 1901 First Olympic bicycle race in Athens The first recumbent bicycles are being sold (Brown Recumbent Bicycle) 1899 " Mile-a-Minute Murphy" (Charles M. Murphy) is the first to bike one mile in less than a minute (57.8 seconds) 1905 Paul de Vivie invents a two speed rear derailleur gear 1903 First Tour De France (six stages with an average length over 400 km, won by Maurice Garin) 1921 Internal hub gears are invented Shozaburo Shimano starts Shimano Iron Works 1920 Attempting to revitalize the bike industry, the first kids bikes are made 1930 Tullio Campagnolo introduces the first bicycle hub quick-release 1924 The velocar is invented by Charles Mochet. It is made of the light weight material Triplex. 1934 Recumbent bicycles are banned from UCI races after smashing a 20 year old velodrome record. 1933 The cruiser bike is developed and sold by Schwinn 1955 The Huffy Radio Bicycle is being sold - with a built in radio. 1937 Derailleur gears introd uced to the Tour de France, so riders could change gear without removing wheels 1962 Moulton Bicycle Com- pany is founded by Dr. Alex Moulton 1956 The first organized BMX race is held (BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross) 1970 Mountain bikes are invented by Charlie Kelly, Gary Fisher and Tom Ritchey 1968 Raleigh starts selling the legendary Raleigh Chopper bicycle 1975 Veronica and Colin Scargill from the UK are the first to bike around the world on a tandem First Powered Speed Champion- ships are held in 1975. national man 1974 The modern recumbent movement Chester Kyle and David 1979 started by Gordon Wilson from MIT Freedie Markham set a First mass-produced titanium bike is being made by Teledyne speed record of 81.8 kph in a Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) The first modern production being made recumbent (Avatar 2000) 1976 The Repack Downhill Race is organized by Charlie Kelly and Fred Wolf, effectively being the first big mountain bike event 1982 First BMX World Championships in Dayton, Ohio 1981 First mass-produced moun- tain bike (Specialized Stumpjumper) 1984 The International BMX Federation is founded. First World Unicycling Convention and Championships (UNICON) are held 1983 First women's cycling event ap mes by Kestrel and Trek H:24 6:26 First European Human- Powered Championships are being held 1988 Avocet releases the first bike computer The Mountainbike Hall of Fame is created MOUNTAIN BIKE HALL OF FAE ANERM 1987 Paul Turner makes the first full suspension mountainbike 1990 Shimano introduces the first integrated brake/gear levers. 1989 Australia passes the first helmet laws, compelling cyclists by law to wear helmets 1993 Mavic introduces the first 1991 electric derailleurs (Mavic Zap) The conference bicycle is invented by Eric Staller 1996 Mountain biking introduced in the Olympics in Atlanta. 1994 Alanta 996 Sachs (Sram) introduces the first mass produced disc brakes (PowerDisc) 2008 BMX biking introduced in the Olympics in Beijing (BMX speed race) Bying 2002 1999 Lance Armstrong wins Tour de France for the first time. 2013 New world speed record in unassisted cycling set in Nevada. 133.8 kph by Sebas- tiaan Bowier in velomobile. 2012 A car free city for 80,000 people is being build outside Chengdu, China Chengdu References: boom -speed-record.html ICEBIKE.ORG FOR THE LOVE OF BIKES

The History of Bikes

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The history of bikes is far more exciting that you might have imagined. Not only have there been a lot of developments and inventions since the first bike was made in 1817. There have also been appear...



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