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Heart Rate Training Zones HR Zones are a percentage of your max heart rate. Your max heart rate can be calculated quickly enough, albeit not totally accurately, by subtracting your age from 220. The type of workout will determine what zone your Heart Rate heart rate falls into. Training Zones there are 5 training Zones. 55-70% of Max HR. This will constitute as a slow easy recovery run or 1 recovery ride. The time spent during this zone will be a lot of hours during the week during recovery days but also at the beginning of warm ups and cool downs. 70-76% Max HR.This is the zone when you are working your aerobic fitness and enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. Workout examples include long runs/rides. Why? Using heart rate to measure 76-83% Max HR. This zone can be considered an extension of zone 2 and training intensities can be beneficial as it can indicate a precursor to Zone 4, as it increases aerobic fitness to an even greater extent. It will constitute running or riding or working out at a tempo level, a level which you can keep up for a long time (20-30 mins) but not as high as interval/rep/race pace. if a workout is too or if you are pushing too hard when in recovery mode. Also by comparing similar workouts over time, you 83-90% Max HR. This zone will be used during interval workouts, where lactate threshold is being reached. Training at this zone will improve lactate threshold and also aerobic threshold and VO2 max. This zone will begin to venture into the anaerobic zone (past 90% HR) also where your muscles are lacking oxygen. can see if your heart rate has dropped during those workouts, indicating an increase in fitness or 90-100% Max HR. This zone is also known as the red line zone. You whether it is higher when will develop speed and fast twitch muscle fibres in this zone and thus you will be doing short fast repetitions most likely. Once again muscles doing these same workouts indicating overtraining or fatigue. will be in oxygen debt, or lacking oxygen so this zone is anaerobic. Threshold Zone Tempo Zone Endurance Zone

Heart Rate Training Zones

shared by ciaranmckenna on Jun 21
This fitness Infographic provides information about heart rate training zones which can be used by athletes in all ranges of fitness from home fitness to running or cycling or gym training.


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