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Hear What? Your Guide to Auditory Protection

HEAR WHAT? Your Guide to Auditory Protection WHAT? 80% of hunters suffer from some degree of hearing loss. 30 to 50 10 MILLION million more Americans are exposed to dangerous noise levels each day. Americans have already suffered irreversible hearing damage from noise. HOW LOUD ARE FIREARMS? Exposure to noise greater than 140 dB can permanently damage hearing. 100 80 120 60 A small .22-caliber rifle 140 40 160 20 180 Almost all can produce noise around 140 dB, while 200 dB firearms create noise that is over the 140 dB level. big-bore rifles and pistols can produce sound over 175 dB. In a study conducted: TARGET SHOOTERS use shotguns (54%), rifles (29%), and handguns (17%) as their main type of firearm. Their shotguns were predominantly 12-gauge (92%); the most common caliber of rifle was .22 (30%), followed by .30 (15%) and 30 to 06 (15%). MOST HUNTERS use shotguns (53%), rifles (46%), and other (1%). Their shotguns were also predominantly 12-gauge (87%), while the caliber of rifles varied: • 30-06, 45% •.308, 11% • .270, 8% 30-30, 10% other, 26% FIRING GUNS IN A PLACE WHERE SOUNDS CAN REVERBERATE OR BOUNCE OFF WALLS AND OTHER STRUCTURES, CAN MAKE NOISES LOUDER AND INCREASE THE RISK OF HEARING LOSS. WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS? Exposure to high levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss. Neither surgery nor a hearing aid can help correct this type of hearing loss. Firearm users tend to have People who use firearms are more likely to develop hearing loss than those who do not. high-frequency permanent hearing loss, which means that they may have trouble hearing speech sounds like"s," "th," or "v" and other high-pitched sounds. HUH? WHAT? Noise-induced hearing loss limits your Loud noise can also create physical and psychological stress, reduce productivity, ability to hear high frequency sounds, understand speech, and seriously impairs your ability to communicate. The left ear (in right-handed shooters) often suffers more damage than the right ear because it is closer to, and directly in line with, the muzzle of the firearm. interfere with communication and concentration, and contribute to workplace accidents and injuries by making it difficult to hear warning signals. PROTECT YOUR EARS Studies have shown that only about half of shooters wear hearing protection all the time when target practicing. Hunters are even less likely to wear hearing protection because they say they cannot hear approaching game or other noises. Due to the nature of hunting, keeping all senses in the best condition is crucial not only for a successful hunting trip, but for ones safety. PROTECTING WHILE HUNTING This technology allows hunters and others exposed to loud noises to stop hearing damage before it begins, while reducing "flinch" for SportEAR's SportEAR was designed to do two of the most important jobs in hunting - help hunters hear their game animals while protecting their hearing from gun blast. AutoBlocker"M technology works by compressing sounds that reach unsafe levels while allowing the more accurate shot placement. user to hear lower decibel noises and enhanced higher frequency sounds. 10 PROTECTING WHILE SHOOTING Both on the range and working through field problems, SportEAR SportEAR's AutoBlockerTM technology protects ears from damaging noise like gunfire, or other intense impulse sounds. Reducing the impact on your eardrums protects your hearing and greatly reduces your "flinch" when firing a shot, allowing for more accurate targeting and shooting. allows shooters to concentrate on excellence while enjoying complete hearing protection. At the same time overall hearing is greatly enhanced for safety, while on-range or shooting with companions. WITH SPORTEAR YOU CAN: ENJOY HEAR TRUE SAFETY EASILY SUCCESSFULLY THE OUTDOORS COMMUNICATE HEAR COME ALIVE IN THE WITH OTHERS YOUR PREY IN SURROUND FIELD SOUND SOURCE: SportEAR

Hear What? Your Guide to Auditory Protection

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Hearing Loss is a major concern for hunters worldwide. 10 million Americans have already suffered irreversible hearing damage for noise. There are ways to both protect and enhance your hearing for saf...


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