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Hear the Truth About Suppressors

HEAR TRUTH SUPPRESSORS THE АBOUT HOW THEY WORK An unsuppressed gunshot is typically A suppressor can reduce gunshot noise by around 30-35 165 decibels decibels still louder than louder than a jet fighter on takeoff a motorcycle, chain saw or jack hammer Any exposure to noise over 140 decibels causes immediate and irreparable hearing loss Suppressors reduce noise just below that threshold Suppressors were developed by the inventor of the car muffler, Hiram Maxim, to solve noise pollution complaints from his neighbors FACT MAKE Protects against hearing loss Helps replace the need for ear plugs/muffs SHOOTING AND HUNTING Allows easier communication among shooters and range safety officers, as well as for hunters SAFER AND Increases accuracy with reduced muzzle report, MORE reduced recoil and decreased muzzle flip Reduce noise from ENJOYABLE shooting ranges SUPPRESSOR OWNERSHIP IS LEGAL IN 42 STATES LEGAL TO HUNT WITH IN 40 STATES The number of suppressors registered with ATF has grown by In the last five years alone, suppressors owned increased by more than 1 MILLION 162% since 2011 There are 355% more suppressors registered in 2017 compared to 2011. BUYING Y А SUPPRESSOR Wait time for ATF application review: 8 MONTHS O National Firearms Act of 1934 requires: Extensive application Background check V $200 ownership transfer tax NOT LIKE THE MOVIES IN REAL LIFE, suppressors are very rarely used in crimes Only 15 federal cases involving the use of a suppressor in the commission of a crime from 1995-2005 Movies incorrectly Less than of homicides and suggest suppressed /0 gunfire is around armed robberies 0.1% decibels in federal court cases Source: Criminal Use of Firearm Silencers, Paul A. Clark, Western Criminology Review 8(2), 44–57 (2007) National SHOOTING SPORTS V Foundation THE FIREARMS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION NSSF.ORG A Y in PROMOTE PROTECT PRESERVE

Hear the Truth About Suppressors

shared by NSSF on Nov 28
Suppressors are very useful in hunting and the shooting sports and provide several benefits that lead to safer and more enjoyable days in the field. Get the facts about suppressors in this infographic...


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