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Hardest Sports Tickets To Score

HARDEST SPORTS TICKETS TO SCORE KOSTUL Tickets aren't easily attained to the most revered sporting events on Earth. Here are the locations of these events, how many people may attend, and tips on what it takes to soore some the hardest sports tickets in existence! 137 USTHREAT KENTUCKY DERBY Kentucky Derby - MILLIONAIRE'S ROW Location Louisville, KY Stadium Churchhill Downs Occupancy: 137 .... .. ... ...... $1,000 Millionaire's Rowis two floors of saating at Churchil Downs. They consist of table seating, food service, full bans, televisions that play races, and an ascended bakcony viow of the track SIN Millionaire's Row has an elite list of attendees that has included Michael Jordan, Queen Elzabeth , Jack Nicholson, Donald Trump, and Mohammed All. only attendees on Miionakes Row seforGrandtard Kentucky Derby 16.5 Million Grndnd Mea Hellef Fame Game US Open erannd NHL Wieter Classic Difficulty Rating MLB All-Star Game 81 Kentucky Derby Past Champlons Street Sense 2007 Big Brown 2008 Mine That Bird 2009 Super Saver 2010 Location: Canton, Ohlo Hall of Fame Game Stadhum: Fawcett Stadlum .... .... .... .. Осаравсу Occupancy 22, 375 The Hall of Fame Game is an annual NFL echibition game which occurs in tandem with Football's Hall of Fame induction ceremonies CRO FOOTrBALL HALLOF FAME The game is played at Fawcett Stadium, which is right near the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Chio. Difficulty Rating Kentscky Derby TCT DOY nour nor Hll ef Fame Game 11.4 Million US Opea NHL Winter Classie MLBAll-Star Game Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 Washington Redskins Tennessee Dallas Hall of Fame Game Titans 2009 Cowboys 2010 Past Champlons 2008 US Open - COURTSIDE BOX SEATS .... ... Loction New York, NY 321 Stadium: Arthur Ashe Stadium Occupancy: 21,700 The US Open is one of the oldest tennis champlonships in the world. Singles first competed in 1881; the event contined every year since. US OPEN It conssts of diffonent champlonships that include singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles. Difficulty Rating Kentecky Derby TT ICT TICKET ан Hall ef Fame Game 332 310 US 100 Million Open NHL Wieter Clase MLB All-Star Ciame US Open Past Champlons Roger Federer Roger Federer 2008 Juan Martin del Potro 2009 Rafael Nadal 2010 2007 NHL Winter Classic Location Varier Trte Ter (2011 Game - Pittsburgh) Stadium: Varie a e (2011 Game - Helnz Fleld Occupancy ... .... ... .. Winter CLASSIC SesESTONE The NHL Winter Oassic is an event held by the National Hockey League on Now Year's Day. 64,111 The first Winter Classic was hold in 2008 at Raloh Wikon Stadium in Orchard Park, New York. Difficulty Rating Kentucky Derby Hall of Fame Game US Open NHL Winter Classk 6.6 Million MIBAIL-Str MLB All-Sar Game Pittsburgh Penguins 2008 Detroit Boston Washington Winter Classic Past Champions Red Wings 2009 B) Bruins 2010 capi als Capitals 2011 MLB All-Star Game Location: Varias Tarte ur (2010 Game - Anaheim) Stadium: Marie rar (2010 Game - Angel Stadium) .... ... A collection of the finest professional major league playes Occupancy: 45,408 The playors in the Midsummer Classic are selected by a combination of fans, coaches, managers, and other players. The same weekend of the All-Star Game, leading home run hitters in the MLB contend in the Home Run derby. Difficulty Rating Kentucky Derby Hallof Fame Game 49 US Open NHL Winter Cassik MLB All-Star Game 7.5 Million Vladimir Guerrero 2007 Prince Fielder Justin David Home Run Derby Past Champions Morneau - 2008 Ortiz 2009 2010 Tips for Scoring Tickets Difficulty Rating f you know the right places to look, and the ADODO ghrprople toask, you con establishen opportunity foramendnce. Difficulty Rating Not entirely out of the malmof pessibility Find Get Connected Many of the stars who attended Millionaire's Row at the Kentucky Derby have friends who can grant them access to the tickets. n 6 younelfan aftermarket reseller, and bewiling to paya pettypenny to aftend these coveted event om Gain Wealth When you establish the right connection, and know how to go about purchasing your ticket, it will require a lot of monery for the top notdh seats Difficulty Rating For the verywealthy andwell conneced Ageod stortingpoint for granting oneselfacoess would beto becomea celebriy, or dacoer that you am from royal descent turings baed on available ticket, demand for ticket, eae of acoess, andepenses Purchase Early Creating moe time between the purchase date nd the date of the event can lkarly render cheaper prices and better swats hetpu/ damendid-2948 * x hetpu/www.greatalaticvel.comportukentucky detymillonains-rowasp hetpu/2010usopenorg/en_US/aboufan_guidehtml hetp/ hetpu/ Classic hetp/ 137 ISTALA Number of Viewers

Hardest Sports Tickets To Score

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Tickets aren't easily attained to the most revered sporting events on Earth. Here are the locations of these events, how people may attend, and tips on what it takes to score some of the hardest sport...


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