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Hack Your Fitness with Tribesports

7 EASY STEPS TO BURN OVER 2,900 MORE CALORIES EVERY WEEK HACK YOUR FITNESS Need to kickstart some changes in your life? There are many different ways to change up your mental and physical health all at once, reducing your stress and boosting your mood. Challenge yourself to take these 7 steps, start feeling and looking better, and continue your path to health! 1 GET ON YOUR FEET YOU'LL SAVE 1.5 LBS of CO, for every mile you don't drive Ride a bike: burn 240+ calories per hour 100 150 50 200 250 300 78% of us choose to drive instead of walk, Walk: burn 300+ even for very short distances calories per hour SAVINGS: GAS MONEY AND CO, EMISSIONS CALORIES BURNED: 540 CALORIE COUNTER" CHALLENGE: WALK, BIKE OR RUN TO WORK EVERY DAY FOR 1 WEEK 0540 2 REST UP ADULTS NEED 7-9 HOURS OF SLEEP NIGHTLY MORE SLEEP = LESS STRESS College football stars who slept 10 hours a night played longer and ran faster In a weight loss study, those who slept well lost more fat than muscle -- the opposite was true when low on sleep But 30% of working Americans get less than 6 hours of sleep daily, affecting our health mood and more You eat about 500 more calories per day when sleep-deprived CALORIES BURNED: 500 CALORIE COUNTER CHALLENGE: SLEEP FOR AT LEAST 8 HOURS A NIGHT FOR A WEEK 1050 3 MEET UP TO WORK OUT BENEFITS TO WORKING OUT WITH OTHERS You can do it! More enjoyable Encourage and motivate each other: Trying new activities Is less Intimldating More likely to meet your goals there's strength in numbers! OR, BRING FIDO 51% of pet owners would rather exercise with their pet than alone A little "healthy competition" for your health Less likely to skip your workout SAVINGS: THE CDC RECOMMENDS 2.5 HOURS OF MODERATE AEROBIC ACTIVITY, PLUS 2+ DAYS PER WEEK OF MUSCLE TRAINING--DEPENDING ON WEIGHT AND TYPE OF ACTIVITY, THAT BURNS AROUND 157 CALORIES +/- (ROUNDED & ESTIMATED AVG. FOR 160 POUND PERSON, DIVIDED BY 7 FOR DAILY AVG.) CALORIES BURNED: 157*3=471 CALORIE COUNTER CHALLENGE: WORKOUT WITH A FRIEND 3 TIMES IN ONE WEEK 1521 4 QUIT WAITING FOR THE ELEVATOR 53% of Americans frequently choose escalators or elevators over the stairs TAKING THE STAIRS INSTEAD ACTUALLY SAVES 15 MINUTES OF YOUR WORK DAY SAVINGS: 60 CALORIES IN 10 MINUTES OF STAIRS PER DAY CALORIES BURNED: 420 CALORIE COUNTER CHALLENGE: USE THE STAIRS FOR 70 MINUTES IN ONE WEEK (10 MIN/DAY) INE MEN O WIN 1941 5 DINE IN AND EAT CLEAN We spend about 24 which is about 4% %24 41% of our income of the food on restaurant meals budget for the average household FEEDING 4 PEOPLE AT MCDONALD'S- CHEAP EATS, RIGHT? It also saves plenty of calorles along the way: Egg McMuffin with Sausage Homemade (using whole wheat English muffins and (6) (S) turkey sausage): McDonalds: 258 calories 450 calories ($) costs about $14 more than cooking roast chicken, potatoes and salad at home SAVINGS: $14 FEEDING A FAMILY OF 4 AND YOUR WAISTLINE! CALORIES BURNED: 192 CALORIE COUNTER CHALLENGE: NO FAST FOOD FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK. 2133 6 LIFT WEIGHTS Women who lift weights weight burn about 100 more calories = 2 Calories in the following 24 hours Pump up your iron- pumping with some vocals! Exclamations while lifting Verbal encouragement increases heavy objects increase muscle the amount of weight you can lift strength up to 25%, helping by 5-8% you get that final rep No verbal encouragement Verbal encouragement CALORIES BURNED: 5*100=500 CALORIE COUNTER CHALLENGE: COMPLETE 5 WEIGHTS SESSIONS IN ONE WEEK 2633 7 LAUGH IT UP Average 4-year-old laughs 300 times daily; average 40-year-olds laugh just 4 times 50 100 150 200 250 300 Partner up--we're 30x more likely Laughter raises your heart to laugh around others than by ourselves rate, stretches your face There are even laugh therapy groups! muscles, lifts your mood and is even a workout ENDORPHINS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EUPHORIA, PAIN RELIEF, STRESS RELIEF AND MORE. GENERATE THEM WITH: 1-3 2-3 2-3 2-4 3 3-5 Chocolate Spice/chili Laughter Music/art Physical Acupuncture Being Sex peppers exercise scared YOU BURN 50 CALORIES FOR EVERY 10-15 MINUTES OF LAUGHTER CALORIES BURNED: 50*7=350 CALORIE COUNTER CHALLENGE: LAUGH FOR 10 MINUTES EVERYDAY FOR A WEEK 2973 IT ALL ADDS UP. •- 10 CALORIES Make all these changes and save over 2,900 more calories every week while improving your attitude, endurance, productivity, immunity, finances and more! If you told someone--or 55,000+ someones--about your fitness goals, wouldn't you be more likely to succeed? FREE! Meet other Discuss your Take It's free to join! Tribesports accomplishments challenges members with and goals together! your interests GO AHEAD, CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH TRIBESPORTS • Calorie counter is based upon scenarios presented and will vary from person to person SOURCES: http//wwwexercise.ccm/activity/driving-car http//wwweverydayhealth com/green-health-photas/ways-to-protect-the-environmen:-and-your-heelth aspx http// release-archive/consumer-care news/2012_C51C.html http/ http// -term?_s=>M:LIVING http// ng-Procrastination-=Pl-talessandra24 http// http /wwwslenfoundation.crg/sleen-facs-information/ryths-and-facts http// http// http // Less http//wwwsciencedaily com/releases/2011/05/1105101G17C7htr http// ndex.ssf/2012/05/your_cog_car_pe_pertect_fitnes.htmi http // /getting-sta teri/benefts-of-workout-partrer http// a friend active wi:h you at least three times e http// http//trihesports com/challenges/for-ore-menth-no-elevators-for-buildings-of-5-stor http//wwwb sgov/news.release/cesan.nr0.htm http // on/sunday/is-junk-fɔod-really-cheaper.html?_r= 1&sco=l&sq=nark%2Jbittman%20fast%20foodast=cse http //, +Healthy+Fsg+McMufin+Conycats+--+a+grah-and-gn+oreakfast+with+reduced+calor es+%26+fet http// enge http//ti:bie.msn.ccm/slideshow/10-healthy-ips-change-ycur-life-10-seconds-or-less/slide/4 http/www shape com/fitness/worcours/8-reassns-why-you-choı le-lift-heavier-weights?page=2 http// mes-n-30-days http//womer.webmd.ccm/guide/give-your-bocy-boost-with-laughter http// http// -euphcria/4-a-106211?p=1 TRIBESPORTS (scale of 1-5, 5 being most endorphins) DDDDDDDD DDDDDDD DDDDDDD %24

Hack Your Fitness with Tribesports

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7 easy steps to burn an extra 2900 calories a week!


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