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Guide To Hosting The Best Football Party Ever

YOUR GÜIDE, HOSTING BEST тHE FOOTBALL PartyEver Remember: Nobody will remember decorations next year, but they will remember if the food was good, if they could see the TV, and if there was enough to drink. A FOOTBALL PARTY IS ABOUT ENJOYNG THE GAME IN COMFORT. The Setup Know how many Plan PEOPLE ARE COMING 'extra. LIST * Ensure seats * FOR EVERYONE Even if they don't sit, they should have the option. Acceptable alternative seating: Dining Kitchen Floor bar cushions.H room chairs. stools. Move another Maximize THE VIEW television into the living room. Consider renting a large television for game day if yours is too small. RENT * Minimize CLEANUP 1111171111 MAY Prepare food the day before. Use paper plates and napkins. PROVIDE REAL SILVERWARE. IT DOESN'T BREAK! Consider Have a bucket of moving cleaning products prepared for quick spot-cleanings. carpets out of spill zones. Provide OPTIONS Make a space for people who are only mildly interested in the game to congregate. · Technoloy IS YOUR FRIEND. Set up a radio Chat with fellow fans (or online and taunt your radio feed) game-day rivals tuned to online via tablet or the game. computer. If you're not looking to buy a new gadget for the game, you can always rent. RENT Estimate the Amount OF FOOD YOU'LL NEED Double it, THE FOOD= •** * • Knov your gameday fpre. CHIPS AND DIP You can never have too much of either. Have varieties of type, Everybody's different. flavor, and heat. DON'T BE AFRAID TO GO OUT OF THE BOX ON THE DIP. A VARIETY IS EVERYTHING. Cheese dip, guacamole, salsa, 7 → Serve mild, in the middle, lips on fire. layer, chicken cheese, artichoke, spinach; you're limited only by imagination and budget. DON'T LEAVE THE CHIPS OR DIPS IN THE CONTAINERS! PUT THEM IN BOWLS TO MINIMIZE FOOD TRAFFIC. ITTENTION CHILI MEAT Hot chili, mild Hot dogs, hot wings, chili, chili that meatballs, sliders, pigs in blankets. goes on nachos. CHEESE - * **. PIZZA Anything can have If you want to get out cheese on it. of the box, you can Anything. always try stromboli. VEGETABLES You'll be surprised how fast carrot and celery sticks disappear. THE DRINKS Acquire a Bear in mind that some variety of people like one brand over beverages. another or diet over regular. GET ICE TO KEEP DRINKS COOL, AND A COOLER FOR EXTRA DRINK SPACE. * THE * * PARTY * What kind of party would it be without games? No party, thats uhat. Give non-football That way, they won't distract from the game. YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL THEM IN FOR THE COMMERCIALS. fans a place to hang out. FOOTBALL If you have a yard, invest in a football. NOTHING LIKE A QUICK SKIRMISH TO GET INTO GAMEDAY SPIRIT. Things can and will go wrong. DON'T STRESS, AND RELAX, REMEMBER TO ENJOY THE GAME. * Source: * http://blog presta

Guide To Hosting The Best Football Party Ever

shared by Amcoffey on Feb 04
A Football party is about enjoying the game in comfort. Nobody will remember decorations next year, but they will remember if the food was good, if they could see the TV, and if there enough to drink....


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