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The Future Of Golf

GOLF'S 2020 VISION. Golf is evolving and evolving fast. This visual delves in to the future opportunity for Golf and what lovers of the sport can do to help. Golf on the rise As a sport and as a business, golf operates on a huge scale. Although there are no official figures, an estimated 80 million golfers worldwide play on close to 40,000 courses across the planet. Golf events are said to be worth close to $2 billion a year, and the golf tourism market something more than $1 billion. In short, golf is a large business which continues to grow globally despite the financial crisis. Getting Younger As the image of the professional golfer has become younger and fitter, golf is more associated with sport and less with leisure. Moving East Female increase In China it is becoming the game of choice for the wealthier as Chinese men and women become rich enough to enjoy their leisure, and there are also signs that in India golf is gaining momentum. At a social level, we expect the sport to become more unisex, with mixed games more common Some fun FACTS Technology Golf is adapting to urbanisation and to technology, moving beyond the 18-hole format and introducing new shorter forms of the game. Tourist Growth The golf tourism market has bounced back from the recession, and golf continues to form an important part of tourism development strategies, especially in emerging markets. The increasing quality of simulators is likely to accelerate this process. Looking at the big picture Golf has been a beneficiary of the two large developments in the television sector over the last two decades: the growth of more channels and the rise of pay-TV. Levels of Golf engagement (Adult population in millions) U.S.A 24.8m CHINA 39.7 UK 6.3m INDIA 7.4 Source: Mindshare Global Sports Index The data shows that in the Chinese market the interested television audience is already substantially larger than in the United States and the United Kingdom combined- an indication of the sport's vast potential there. If the TV audience is growing, however, there is still a striking gap in the sponsorship value of the sport between richer and emerging markets. In sponsorship terms, the value of a Chinese viewer is estimated as being currently one-twentieth that of an American viewer. This gap is certain to close. Golf and television - statistics. The benefit of golf to TV is that it provides a new and unique audience. Golf provides the means to reach an older and more affluent audience than other sports. O Male % of viewing audience O Female 48 Average age 43 44 43 21% 13% 33% 47% 30% 35 34 "By 2020, I predict we will see younger winners than ever before, with these winners coming from developing golfing nations such as those in Asia, the Middle East and even South America following the next Olympics." Matteo Manassero, youngest winner on the European Tour. PIN "The way things are going we're looking at the balance of power turning more and more towards Asia - they're producing better players and putting on better tournaments and this trend is definitely going to continue. I wouldn't be surprised to see three or four of the World's Top 10 from Asia by 2020. Lee Westwood, former world number one. A celebrity endorsement will strongly affect my decision to buy one brand or another (%) Is Celebrity Endorsement Important? An outcome of this combination of new markets, new players, and the association of golf with status in Asia will be the emergence of new Asian golf brands. 66 72 62 Indeed, this has already started to happen. Last year Fila Korea, which owns the global rights to the Italian sports brand Fila, bought the American golf equipment maker Acushnet, along with its brands Titleist and Footjoy, for $1.2 billion. 45 28 15 14 17 Source: The Future Companies Global Monitor The influx of women players In the same way that the influx of youngsters into the game is changing the face of golf, increasing participation among women is another reflection of the game's broadening global appeal. In the Netherlands, it is the fastest growing sport among women and is now the third most popular sport in the country for women and girls. Shanshan Feng won the LPGA Championship at the age of 22 to become the first Chinese player to win a golf major. Areas of the golf course will increasingly be designed for juniors to help them improve their games. For example, practice areas could be modified to provide younger players with short par 3 holes to play, which is already happening in places such as India where limits on land availability restrict the development of course facilities. "The 12-hole guide" The future of Golf is looking positive, and here are some likely enforcement's we'll see in 2020... Golf clubs and golf courses will become more family friendly. There will be family rooms instead of bars, holes set up for younger players, and certified women-friendly facilities. Six and nine hole formats, and other short-forms, complement the 18-hole tradition. TV sports channels Golf will benefit from its association with younger fitter players driving more fashion and more word on the street. The 'next Tiger Woods - the hot sponsorship and TV property of 2020 - will be a young Asian player. Golf will benefit from its association with younger fitter players driving more fashion and more 5020 - will be a word on the street. The 'next Tiger Woods - the hot sponsorship and TV property of accelerate this trend by promoting a short- form competition. young Asian player. Golf simulation games - using motion sensors and gestural interfaces - become mainstream. Social gaming environments and family-oriented golf video games encourage people to move into the sport, not the other way around. Smartphone and tablet software helps golfers make the right choices, while sensors in equipment and on courses. Golf becomes a centre of expertise positive courses in water management, conservation and biodiversity. Authorities change equipment rules to reduce the distances achieved by professionals and bring course lengths back under control. The first carbon are opened - in a hail of publicity. LT Source:

The Future Of Golf

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Golf is one of the fastest evolving sports in the world, not only as a sport but also as a business. With an estimated 80 million golfers worldwide and close to 40,000 golf courses across the planet, ...


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