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Fun Facts About Figure Skating

FUN FACTS ABOUT FIGURE SKATING Associate Producer/Design: Olena Sullivan Short Program Free Skating Rank Score Rank Score Score Rank Country Name 150.06 228.56 SMITH Joannie 1 78.50 International Skating Union Judging System (2010 ISU Congress) 1. Technical Score - each element is graded for quality on a scale from -3 to +3 and this score is added to the base value listed for the element. The total of all the elements' scores gives you the Technical Score 2. Presentation Score - awarded on a scale from 0.25 to 10 in 0.25 increments, it grades things such as skill, performance, and choreography. 3. Program Score - obtained by adding the Technical and Presentation scores, minus any deductions. 4. Final Score - obtained by adding the Short Program and Free Skating scores. Highest Score wins. FIGURE toe picks for jumps/spins replaceable wider blades expensive leather HOCKEY vs. FIGURE SKATES НОСКЕY short/light blade for speed blades riveted to base blade narrower for quick stops A 150 pound male skater can land a jump with the force of a one- year-old elephant - over 1,000 lbs! LAYBACK SPIN The layback spin - where the head and shoulders lean back – THE SPIN is technically difficult and requires a fine balance & immense flexibility in the spinal A skater's arms can experience in excess of 4Gs during a jump or spin – similar to what a "Top Fuel" drag racer's body goes through. column – often too much for male skaters. ANGULAR MOMENTUM Skaters can surpass 300 RPM during an airborn spin. American astronauts tested in human centrifuges have passed out when spun between 320 and 330 RPM. JUMP DYNAMICS HORIZONTAL VELOCITY Skaters can reach 32 km/h on the ice - but speed must be varied in order to effectively execute the take-off and height of particular jumps. VERTICAL VELOCITY Taking off for a jump, top skaters can generate well over 3 m/s of vertical velocity - roughly similar to elite COSTUMES ertion long program MEN long jumpers. • must wear trousers, no tights • may not be sleeveless WOMEN • must wear a skirt • must not give the effect of excessive nudity 4-5 minutes 1 mile run TaoseAorpres "Costumes should be modest, dignified and appropriate for athletic competition - not garish or theatrical in design."- ISU THE OLYMPICS VICTORIA SKATING RINK Figure skating was first contested at the 1908 Summer Olympics SKATE s before the CANADA 16 yea in With its SKATECANADA the roots in the Amateur Skating Association of Canada (1887), Skate Canada emerged in 2000 with 1,250 member clubs and over 182,000 members. of the figrure skating skating, it held championships starting in the 1870s a arranged for the formation of the Amateur Skating Association of Canada in 1887. winter sport in Olympie competition. and speed Chamonix. It was the first and DOC ZONE with Ann-Marie MacDonald © 2013 CBC Radio Canada. Learn more about Figure Skating @www.CBC.CA/DOCZONE/ article/138633-figure-skates-vs-hockey-skates/ Images: skaters - leonido / 123RF Stock Photo; ice skates -; Sources: 0,8810,4844-162094-169310-31825-132302-custom-item, 00.html;; lar

Fun Facts About Figure Skating

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They train like prizefighters and suffer like triathletes. They are constantly pushing themselves to the limits of mental and physical endurance. They face disaster every time they lace up and they so...






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