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Football Withdrawal | Is there life after the football season?

FOOTBALL WITHDRAWAL Is there life after football season? CO000 CO000 CO000 CO000 CO000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 BENEATH The Trend 5|0 40 NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY OF THE GAME "Every weekend I always look forward to the games on Sundays with my hometown team. It's like I schedule my Sundays to watch my games, nothing can interfere with the games." Football "dictates my If something gets in the way (like a child's sporting event) there's streaming to keep up. Yes, during their kid's game. weekends." FOOTBALL IS LIFE "I would say I love my family more than football, but it's close." Feelings for family come first (barely), but for a small number "nothing even compares" because "football is my life". So football's over for the season... NOW WHAT? I'll watch other sports. I'll watch something different. 40% 11% FOOTBALL FILL-INS Basketball Baseball Нockey Olympic Coverage 25% 8% 3% 3% FOOTBALL-FREE BOREDOM “Miss playing fantasy football. Not being able to turn onthe TV and find a game when I am lounging around at home." BACK TO THE REAL WORLD "I feel that this opens my days... sort of nice not to have to cut my time short to return home to watch the game." 18% 12% 8% I'll do chores I'll be with people I'll go outside TIME TO RELAX "Spending more time with my partner and also it gives me more opportunity to watch other sports. I don't have to worry about the stress of watching the games every weekend." 25% 22% 19% Other Sports 10% Relaxing Quality Time Hobbies FEMALES AND FOOTBALL "I love it. I plan Sundays around it and make good snacks and food with plenty of drinks I enjoy it." "I don't really have much of a choice. I watch because he's watching. love him and he loves football." "We love football. We watch our Pittsburgh Steelers play starting in August and through the season. We grew up watching football and have continued the tradition with our "If the Bears are losing my husband is screaming at the TV. He watches every weekend. Even if it is not his team. He roots for own families." the underdog and screams at the TV for his underdog team." Presented in Partnership EJQUESTER SoqpBox Isample A total of 203 regular watchers of NFL and NCAA football (defined a those who make it a point to watch weekly) were interviewed, using Quester's online Al moderation software with customized probing, in-depth language review and quantified qualitative language analysis. Sample and programming provided by SoapBoxSample. Copyright 2018. 00 000 O

Football Withdrawal | Is there life after the football season?

shared by nicklucs on Mar 27
Football consumes a lot of our time throughout most of the fall and early winter seasons. It's on every weekend. Games start at 11 am and are on TV through the evening. Once the season(s) is over, wha...


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